ProAc Response D28

Hi folks,

Has anyone heard the new Response D28 (replacement of D25)yet?


Look into the Studio 140's before going with the D's

I currently own a pair of Studio 140 but I'll have to sell them when I move to the US (I live in Brazil and should be moving in a few months).

I really like their sound paired with my Sphinx electronics (Myth 9 MkII CD Player and Myth 5 integrated amplifier).


No. Where did you hear about the D28 replacing the D25?
The latest news from ProAc website:


We will be demonstrating the new Response D28 at this show which takes place in the Manchester Renaissance Hotel on Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd October.

This exciting new model, the replacement for the Response D25, features a slimmer, more elegant cabinet with the side-porting arrangement used in our flagship Response D100. The crossover has been retuned in order to integrate the professional quality drive units utilised in and retained from its predecessor with the new cabinet design. These product innovations have resulted in significant sonic improvements.

You can audition this stunning new loudspeaker in the ProAc room, number 109, where it will be partnered with Primare Electronics.
Does it mean that the D25 is replaeced or if the D28 is a different model?
The D25 is not that old!
"This exciting new model, the replacement for the Response D25..."
ProAc replace their speaker very slow, for example 1SC, which is almost 8 years old.
ProAc must have received alot of complaints about the bass in the D25. This is my biggest problem with the speaker. The bass tends to boom and placement can be very tricky. Tyler probably decided to rework the D25 utilizing the cabinet structure of the D38 (side porting) to solve this problem. The D28 is now on my short list to audition. If anything like the D38, no doubt it will last a very long time. Just my 2cents.