PROAC Response D15

I'm looking at upgrading my PROAC Response 2 stand speakers for some full range PROAC Response D15's.

Does anyone have any comments, feedback or reviews on the D15's?

How do they sound? Will they be a big improvement over what I currently have? Any set-up tweaks or advice?

Any feedback welcome and appreciated. Thanks!
I'm very VERY happy with my PROAC Response 2's and REL subwoofer combination! But... but... I have seen some good things about the new PROACs like the D15 (the D25's were too big and boomy!) and thought they might be even better than the 2's. The 2's are afterall about 15 years old now. What do you think?

Are the 15 year old 2's really comparable to the newer acclaimed floorstanding D15's ?
I went from a Tablette 50 Signature and sub combo to a Response 1SC and sub combo to Response 2.5s with no sub. I picked the 2.5s because I wanted the quicker less bloated bass than what I expected might be the case with the D series bottom firing port.

To be honest, I'm not sure if you would perceive going to D15s as an improvement. If you didn't like the boom of the D25, the D15 might not be a whole lot different. Just a guess because I've never heard the D series, so I may be completely wrong.

To me, your Response 2 with a REL sub seems like a tough combo to beat. :•)