Proac Response D1 vs. Proac Tablette 50 Signature

The D1 is the newest mini monitor from Proac. The D1's tweeter has a striking resemblance to the Proac Tablette 50 Signature's tweeter?

Are they one and the same Scanspeak tweeters?

Which speaker is better?

Thank in advance for your replies.
From what I have been told they are the same tweeter. That being said the Tablette 50 Signatures are significantly brighter than any other Proacs I have owned, especially in the upper midrange. I own a pair but they are not a good match for my present system. In the past I have owned Studio 1, Response 2, and Response 2s models.
The real comparison would be the D1 vs the new Tablette Anniversary. The Anniversary is a big improvement over the older Sig 50's.

As to which one is better, it will all depend on what amp, what size room, other equipment, and room setup. Never underestimate the importance of System Synergy. One may be a "better" model in the line up but that doesn't mean it will sound better to your ears.
I would look up username: Gunbei (Gunbie??) and send him a message on this. He has owned both of these I think. He is very up to date on the Tabs and Response series.
It's Gunbei but it's no way to contact him anymore because Agon's newest system has just now eliminated the Contact Members option. There's no more private messages.
I asked Proac, the manufacturer themselves, that the D1's tweeter and the Proac Tablette 50 Signature's tweeters are not of the same manufacture.

I own the 50 Tablette Signature and would like to upgrade to the D1.
Better is a subjective word. If you like the Tablette 50 Signature, you may want to compare it to the D1 before selling it off. Depending on listening preference, some may prefer the Tablette 50 Signature over the D1.

There are some folks who have compared the D1 to the Response 1SC and whilst few felt they are fairly similar in sound signature, some picked the 1SC to be the superior speaker. Well, not exactly "superior", they just preferred the 1SC over the D1.

Going from the Tablette 50 Signature to the Response D1, one would likely gain a fuller and deeper bass apart from a more refined and composed sound from top to bottom, the D1 capable of revealing more detail and finer nuances present in the recording. If you prefer the forward sound and enthusiastic treble of the Tablette 50 Signature, you may find the D1 to be slightly dark at the upper frequency spectrum. Eventually it will come down to the house sound that you prefer. Having said that, the D1 (and 1SC) is considered to be a higher calibre speaker although the Tablette 50 Signature has its own appeal and different sets of strengths.
As another interesting question that will not digress too far from the original question:

Is the Proac Tablette 25th Anniversary an improvement from the Proac Tablette 50 Signature?

I finally heard the D1 in comparison with my own Tablette 50 Signature, both are very good imaging speakers. I use a Cary CAD50 Mark II monoblocks on the 50s and I heard the D1 with an Ayre solid-state amp, although just for a short time.

And I am still thinking if I will improve the sound by moving up to the D1.