Proac Response D Two

Has any one heard these new speakers from Proac. They are supposed to be as nice as the One SC's but more bass.
I've heard the D II, I have the 1sc's. I give the 1sc's the edge if you have the power to drive them properly.
If you favor better extension at the frequency extremes, and improved dynamics, than the D2 will be your choice.

The 1Sc is great and has it's own charm even with it's limitations in extension and dynamics.
FWIW, I listened to them earlier this year at a local store for about an hour and a half, using a British amp and cd player (Rega or Naim, I'm not sure which). Previously, I had listened to ProAc Studio 100's at the store and had really liked them, and I actually went to the store intending to listen to them a second time. The salesman suggested that I might like to audition the Response D Two's, and said they'd been set up only a day or two before, after being received from CES. I listened to some classical piano, some jazz, some vocals, and a bit of rock (EmmyLou Harris' Wrecking Ball), using both disks I bought and some from the store.

They were not to my taste. I found them too bright on top; overall, kind of a "hardness" that deprived the music of a sense of naturalness and that led to some fatigue. When I mentioned this to the salesman, he responded that the speakers might not have been broken in yet, and he also thought that they weren't matched with the right cables. I didn't have the time that day to let him switch the cables or to compare them to the Studio 100's, and I haven't had the chance to return to the store.

By the way, the store was Stereotypes in Portland, where they were very gracious and accomodating in allowing me to listen as I did.
Jim Crane