ProAc Response 2: CJ CAV45, Cary SEI 300B, or Cary Rocket 88?

Looking at the amps listed in the title to pair with my newly acquired ProAc Response 2: CJ CAV45, Cary SEI 300B, or Cary Rocket 88

Looking for the best tone and most in-the-room presence possible. Also want tuneful/rhythmic bass vs depth/authority.

Any feedback from those who have heard any of these, especially with ProAc would be appreciated.



Thanks Ralph - I really appreciate that bit of history. I was unaware that the M-60 was so popular with the R2. 

You are on a fun "stop over" on the never ending journey...

I look forward to reading your thoughts on how well what you are wanting to hear materializes. I've had my eye on the SEI-300 for years, just haven't had the resources when I've had the interest, or when I've had the resources, the interest hasn't been there. 

I have a Cary SLI-50. This amp had a very short run back in the 90's that I have owned since new.  Not much info out there on this. EL-34, push pull 30w/channel integrated. (Kind of what you would end up with if the Cary SEI-300 and CJ CAV45 hooked up...)

And to follow up on what has already been mentioned above, doing a cap upgrade will 100% take it to the next level! I did a complete recap of mine with higher end caps, and it transformed the amp. Granted, the amp is 30 years old, and the electrolytics needed to be looked after, and I could have replaced the film caps with the same Solen caps it came with, but I'm very happy I went the other direction.

This is a "forever" amp for me. All in one solution that just sounds "right" to me. Other amps have come and gone, and that will continue, but this is here to stay. Guess it's my reference. Hopefully you will find the same enjoyment  with your CAV45. 

Perkri - thanks for sharing. That's something I really appreciate about most tube amps - regardless of age, you can bring them back to like-new or better with new caps/resistors. If someone is handy, they can do the maintenance themselves. Looks like I get to try out the 45 early next week, according to UPS. 

I'm also very interested in hearing what the AI M3B does compared to my Freya +. The AI should also arrive early next week. It's nice to have these distractions with all of the depressing news that is our current reality.

I'll have to look up your amp - I'm pretty sure I've never seen it.