ProAc response 2 and 2 `S`

Hello AudiogoN,

I got a great offer on a pair of ProAc response 2S. I´ve read a review of the ProAc response 2, but i cant find any information about the 2S. My question is what is the difference and witch one of the models are the best? I hope some of you can answer my question.

I sold ProAc back in my hifi salesman days. It's been quite a while, but if memory serves, the bass/mid driver and the port were re-worked on the 2S, The changes yielded more bass, but, to my ears, lost a smidge of the speed and vocal range magic of the 2. Still, a terrific speaker, particularly if you're getting a good deal. One note: you can't skimp on the stand. To get all that the 2S does, you need the heavy Target stand always recommended for it, or a reasonable facsimile. Good listening!
Either is sure to sound wonderful. The 2 is front ported, the 2S is rear ported. Not sure but I think they both use foam woofer surrounds which fail periodically.