Proac Response 2.5 vs D25 vs D28


Since I do not have the privilege to compare them and it seems that there are no reviews of the D25 and the newest D28 has someone had a chance to compare those models although the 2.5 and the D25 are not manufactured any longer.
I really liked the Response 2.5 and I consider buying the D28.
Does the D28 outperform the 2.5?
Any answer will be highly appreciated.
think of the d28 as an enhanced response least in the bottom...the rest is pure classic proac.
Thanks a lot for your answer.

I might have a chance to buy a NEW Proac Response 2.5. If you had to choose between a NEW Response 2.5 and a NEW D28 when price is no object. What would you personally buy?

There might be more low end with the D28, but its tweeter can't match the Scanspeak in the 2.5. The 2.5 has a rare, distinguishing naturalness and life, much like the finest musical instruments. The D28 is summa cum laude, the 2.5 magna cum laude.
From your rating Birdies you give the D28 the nod.
Check this months edition Stereophile. There is a review on the D28 and reflects on the 2.5
I was looking at my digital copy (July 2008) and did not see the review. Perhaps I missed it.
Sorry Janmike - It is in the new August edition. I just rx it yesterday.