Proac Response 2.5 vs D25

After an extended conversation with Richard Gerberg, ProAc's US distributor for Proac, seems the new MSRP of $5500 or $1k upcharge from the R2.5s is an investment well made. Are there any current R2.5 owners who have had the opportunity to audition the D25? If so, what is your impression?
I am a happy Response 2.5 owner, however, many people who've heard both seem to agree that the D25 is better. From what I remember of the discussions it seems the D25 has better bass extension and weight, a slightly more neutral presentation and is easier to position for good imaging and sound.

However, when I was deciding between the two what swayed me in the direction of the 2.5 was the slightly warmer reputation of the 2.5 and the great bargain used prices available. I found a beautiful pair in yew wood that I'm enjoying.

You should run a search in the forums as this has been discussed and will give you a more in depth understanding of the differences between them.

Good luck!
I trid a search in the forums but didn't get exactly what I wanted; that being someone who has had the opportunity to directly A/B the D25 vs the R2.5 or was a former R2.5 owner and moved into the D25. I owned the R2.5s for about 2 yrs and am considering another pair. Clearly, the R2.5s on the pre-owned market SHOULD be a good deal. However, it would seem that the current for-sale ads are bit out-of-line. My other concern it that the R2.5 is very demanding of power. I used Copland CTA-401, Plinius SA-100 mkII, BAT VK-200, Levinson 331 and Sonic Frontiers P2 over the time I owned the R2.5. The Plinius was the winner. I now have a VTL IT-85 which would be fine for the D25, per Richard, but not for the R2.5. I sold off my separates for personal reasons. I could sell the IT-85 and look into a CAP-151 or other high power/high current integrated but that is yet to be determined.
I don't necessarily think you have to limit yourself to a powerful amp for the 2.5s. I used to think that as well, but my recent experience with a high powered SET has changed that.

I've used a BAT VK200 on my 2.5s for almost two years and liked it a lot. A week ago, I received a 37wpc Bel Canto SET40 and its performance and control with the 2.5s is pretty damn amazing.

If you decide to get another pair 2.5s don't rule out a good push pull tube amp or even a lower powered SET.
It all depends on the economics. Used 2.5's are seriously cheap these days and for me at least the improvement the d25's offer is not worth the money to buy new. $5500 for new D25's? I think you can do better for $5500.
Hi Zosima- What do you think would beat the D25 at $5500 NEW? I have considered the Silverline Sonatina ($5k), Concident Super II ($6k) as i'd like to stay with the IT85 for the foreseeable future. The A'gon ads for R2.5s are still hovering around $2500 =/- and are not in mint condition.
I'm speaking here as a former 2.5 owner. It's a great speaker, no doubt. I recently heard the Dali Helicon 400 and thought it was mighty impressive at about $4K new.
I have listened quite extensively to the 2.5, the Silverline Sonata (not Sonatina) and the Coincident Super Eclipse III. Do yourself a favour and go for the Coincident. A friend of mine who has owned ProAc 3.0 and the Silverline Sonata is currently using the Supers and, in his room, the Supers are clearly the best. Have you ever noticed how few Supers come up for sale?
The newer D series from ProAc tend to be less tube friendly, since they are rated at 4 ohms nominal. They have been using SS amplification at recent shows as I recall.
Hello Cleopatra52- Yes, I agree, you rarely see Coincidents available pre-owned. They continue to be a strong consideration. I have heard these and they are special and at 92db, I think the IT-85 will make them fly.

Hello Essentialaudio- My conversation with Richard Gerburg goes contrary to what you are indicating. He felt the IT-85 w/80 wpc in tetrode, would work well with the D25s. He did agree that the Plinius has an extraordinary synergy with the R2.5. Having only attended the HE NYC shows, which ProAc does not participate, I cannot personally comment.
I went to a local shop and auditioned the D25s. The system as all Sim Audio Moon SACD/processor/amp and Siltech cabling. I didn't take note of the models but the amp was 5 channel at 150 wpc. For those in my area, I think you know where I was.

The D25 has the signature ProAc voicing. Easy to listen to, laid back, good soundstage and imaging. I think Richard is correct in that the bass is more pronounce. However, and this may have been the result of insuffcient break-in, they seemed vailed from what my memory provides from my time with the R2.5s. Still, very non-fatiguing and satisfying. It's hard to know if the D25 is better than the R2.5. But, considering it's going to be sometime before we see the D25s pre-owned, the R2.5 is a clear bargain at their current pre-owned selling price.

As an added adventure, I listened to the new Audio Physic Tempos aka Tempo 4. These are again, very much in the AP house sound. Analytical, very resolving and forward for my taste. BUT, the new side-firing woofer is amazing. Bass like nothing I have heared short of the Revel. The soundstage was actually larger than the D25s. There was more definition within the players as well. These are going to give the new Virgos a serious run for the buyers. It's going to be hard to justify the price jump. Also, the new cabinet is much more attactive than the Tempo IIIi's. The demos were in the Rosenut, which is a $350 (?) premium but I think the WAF is an uplift too.
I think a good tube amp would tame that forward sound. I know it did on the Tempo IIIi's I had.
To add--I recently auditioned the D25 and heard the 2.5 back several years. I won't compare the two--it has been too long since I heard the older model. I will say the D25 was a surprisingly good speaker. Not that I went in with diminished expectations. It is simply better than much of what is out there in the price range. (Even with the devalued dollar). The D25 really gets at the musical experience. The dialogue between instruments is wonderfully revealed. Inner detail and phrasing are phenomenal. I could have listened to the D25 for hours. All the other strengths of the old model seemed evident--soundstaging, tonal balance, etc. The D25 was very dynamic and the bass was surprisingly deep and powerful for such a small cabinet. I was very impressed. I would say go for the new model over the old--I do not recall being so moved by the 2.5
Off the thread but another speaker that I heard recently that is off the charts and in another league altogether but for not much more money is the Fried Studio 7. This is a 15K speaker that sells for 6.5K. I'm not kidding. If you want it all but don't have the dollars you owe it to yourself to have a listen to this speaker. It is the first speaker I have heard in a long time that really made me sit up and take notice and then sit back and let the music wash over me.
Great report. If Fried would just get their dealer network together so I could find a pair to hear in Northern California.
Drubin. Contact Fried via there website. They are friendly and committed to customer service. They can provide you with an update on product availability and dealer information. They are worth a drive for sure.
Thanks for the insight. Being in the NYC area, perhaps there is a Fried dealer in the area. What it the hyperlink to the Fried web page?