Proac Response 2.5 /Proac Response D15 suitable amps??

Hi dear Fellows!
I have a jadis orchestra tube amp.I´m very happy with it so for the moment I´m not planning to change it. I´m using it with Proac Response 1SC.I would like to upgrade my speakers for  floorstanding Proacs.I´m considering  Proac Response 2.5 and Proac response D15.
My question is:Do you think my Jadis orchestra will have enought power to move any of these floorstanding speakers??....If so , despite of the price, which of the two models mentioned above would you recommend me?
In fact , what I want to have is a balanced sistem, where having bigger speakers, neccesaryly doesn´t means to run for getting a bigger amp.,,,do you know what I mean?
Any experience with these speakers will be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

I looked up your Jadis and it appears to put out 40 wpc. The Proac 2.5 has very low powerful bass for a small floorstanding speaker, but the trade off is that it is not very efficient. I owned a pair and thought they were a very nice speaker. I am a fan of Proac speakers and bought another Proac speaker when I sold them.

Whether your Jadis has enough power for them is the question and I don't have a clear answer because it depends on your listening habits. I think the load is easy to drive. You might want to look at the Stereophile review of the 2.5 if you have not already done that. I used Quicksilver V-4 amps when I owned a pair.

Another consideration for you in the Proac line would be the Response D-30r. About the same size and more efficient.
Hi Jperry!
Thanks for your opinion!
I looked up the stereophile review  and for testing the 2.5 they have used the¨little ones¨Cary CAD 805 hehe!!!so it´s a big question if my Jadis will deal with these Proac´s 2.5.I hope so.Yes I´m a fan of Proac speakers too, I find them so natural and revealing.Any other experiences with these speakers will be apreciated.

I have a the newest version of Unison Research class A S6 integrated amp (EL34 tubes) that's rated at 35w/channel powering my Proac Response 2.5 speakers. Plenty of power, and the best synergy I've had between amp and speakers out of the dozens of match-ups I've tried over the past 20 years. As they say - system synergy is everything! BTW, I've owned many Proac models and my favorites are still the Response 2.5 and 3.8.
Great to hear that your new amp sounds so good with the ProAc 2.5. I think they are excellent speakers as well.
Hi dear fellows!
So...please correct me if I am wrong, I think then,there shouldn´t be problems for my jadis to move these 2.5 Proacs.Even if it not a class A integrated amp(in fact  is a push pull amp) it uses the same EL34 tubes as your Unison Research does and has 40w/channel.Am I wright?? or may be Class A integrated amps moves more easily these speakers than push pull integrated amps at similiar Wpc??
Many thanks for your advice!!

I didn't think my Vista Audio i34 35wpc push pull integrated was enough for my ProAc Studio 148 speakers at 91db efficiency. They sound much better and more controlled with my audio refinement separates with 125wpc. I liked the base much better with my 148s than the ProAc D18 I heard and they both use the same tweeter. Give them both a try. Also, I use the Soundocity SEV9 outriggers with the 148s with great results.