Proac response 2.5 or Dynaudio Special 25

Currently own the Proac's, and have been happy. But I did audition the Special 25 and was quite intrigued. Loved the sound but just didn't get my feet tapping.

Am I missing something?
If you decide to sell the 2.5's, let me know. Thanks
The S25 Sapphire and Consequence are Dynaudios specialty speakers. They are more forward/lively. If you like that sound but want a little more laid back you may want try the C1's S1.4's or Focus 160's. That's what get my toes a tappin and head a bobbin. I have the C1 Signature. The new C1 MKII/Signature sound better at lower listening levels too.
Do you think the "more forward" character is keeping me from being drawn into the music. I like the sound of the Sp25, but again seem to be listening to the speaker and not necessarily the music.

Maybe I should just keep the 2.5. Is it unusual to go from Proac to Dynaudio?

Bucanero if I decide to sell the 2.5 I will contact you.

Any other thoughts?
I have owned the proac d15 D2 and tablette signature. I have also owned the Dynaudio audience 42, s3.4, C4, contour T 2.5 and the xeo 3. My personal preference is strongly to Dynaudio. I never was satisfied with any of the Proacs in fact I think I may have in a way liked the tablette best. I never did use tube amps on any of these but did try many combinations of integrated amps as well as very well respected combinations of solid state amp and preamp. The Proacs to me always had a hollow sound that is best way I can call it, they all had it, after some time I decided I am just not a proac fan at all. Dynaudio is very opposite even their smaller speakers have a great weight to the sound that is well balanced. None of the Dynaudio speakers I've owned showed any signs of bright or forward sound just a great balance that can be listened to without fatigue. I have never heard the special 25, others have said it is different from your average Dynaudio sound. I recently got the xeo 3 and they are incredible all in one wireless speakers that have all the attributes of the Dynaudio house sound.
Yashu 2 things makes me listen to the equipment and not the music. First is extremely detailed electronics (ie Sim Audio or Classe) and of course the second is more forward/lively/aggressive speakers.
Yashu I was in a hurry with that last post. What electronics did you hear the S25's with. In my preferences if the electronics are very detailed even my C1's wouldn't be as enjoyable. There is a lot in between. I have read in the Dynaudio owners thread on Avsforum that the S25's can be more picky as far as placement too.

No flames please regarding the Sim Audio/Classe comment. They are just not cup of tea (too detailed for my personal taste in long term listening). I'm a tube dude.
Funny you should dis on Simaudio with Dynaudio. I personally really liked the duo of Simaudio i5.3 and the Dyanudio Contour T2.5 that was my preference for quite some time in bedroom system. I now am just about as happy with the Xeo 3 in my bedroom and so much simpler, just 2 speakers and no huge rack of gear. I went from a system that retailed for almost 5X the price as the Xeos and have just as much enjoyment now. At any rate I think you will be interested in checking out Dyanudio. There are not to many listeners who will say the genuinely don't like Dynaudio.
I'm not using Simaudio.
My system is Jeff Rowland Concentra integrated, with Arcam FMJ cd23, with the Proac response 2.5.

So much I like about Dynaudio sp25 but they just don't draw me in like Proac. Perhaps I should forget about upgrading the speakers and just continue to enjoy what I have. Just have had the bug for new speakers.

Should the Dynaudio be as engaging? And what about Dynaudio c1?
Ejlif My first experience with Dynaudio was at my dealer who had Sim Audio stack as his premium set up. I brought my 20 + year old Mission 782's to compare. It was the comparison that made me fall in love with the Dyn's. Like I said (or maybe didn't) The Sim was great with control but so detailed I couldn't live with that for the long term. Same thing when I heard Classe Omega mono blocks driving B&W 802d's. Again great control and detail but what I found was I was listening to individual instruments and vocals saying WOW. But for me I just couldn't hear the music as a whole because of all the individual sounds being so detailed.

That being said that was the 'sound' I 'thought' I wanted when I first started my audio journey. After listening to a modest Naim 5i I found myself listening to the music and noticed my toes a tappin. That was the day I decided I didn't care for all the detail. I wasn't until I listened to the Octave V70se did I hear the music with control.

Well that's my story as to why detail isn't my cup of tea
Should the Dynaudio be as engaging? And what about Dynaudio c1?
Well I'm biased because I do have the C1 Signatures because to me and my taste the C1's are much more engaging. If you have the opportunity give the C1's a listen and decide from there.
I have the Proac Response 2.5 and I recommend trying them with an EL-34 based tube amp. I think you may be even happier with your current speakers.
I believe you would be happier with your 2.5's. I had them, as well and can give you some advice on how to get more out of them. Your Rowland is a good match for the speaker, but not the best. Its a very unusual piece. I have a Rowland 112 which I think is very similar, or even the same amp that is in your integrated. The Rowland is very detailed but also, at the same time, very forgiving. You really don't need an amp like that for your speakers. Its a good amp to use if you need to "fix" a harsh or bright speaker. Your Proac's do have a very musically forward, lively sound. Your amp is holding back a lot of that. Your Arcam is also a very good piece. I had the 33 but imagine that there isn't too big a difference between them, as well. It has a very "polite" or smooth sound but not a lot of dynamic contrast. You could say that the Arcam, generally speaking, aims for a similar sound as the Rowland; but not taking it that far.

If it were my choice, I would upgrade your amp first. Tube or solid state will work fine. You just need to pick the correct amp regardless. Heres a list of tube amps I used that will make a huge difference in sound quality: VAC 30-30 Mk III, Quicksilver V4 Monos, Audio Reasearch VT 100 (1, 2 or 3 - all good). For solid state: Ayre V5, Bat 220, Pass 0's and CJ 2250. I'm sure there are some other good choices as I haven't herd everything out there.

In my opinion the best tube were the V4's followed very closely by the VAC. For solid state, the Ayre would be my first choice. Any of the amps I list, though, I think will be a much better match for your speaker than the Rowland. Your system will immediately come alive with any one of them. For the rest of your system, I say keep the Arcam, for now and get a simple passive preamp so you can use it. From there on, I would listen to the system for a while and get very familiar with it. How you deal with you preamp in the future will be very important and it would be best not rush into it quickly. It will make just as big a difference at the amp.

Hope this info helps. If I'm not clear on something, just post and I will try to give a better answer.
Thanks for all the great assistance.

I am quite happy with my amp, and do not want to make that change. I am merely looking for an answer comparing my Proac's with Dynaudio.

The Dynaudio Special 25 offered a very interesting and dynamic sound. But just did not draw me in to the music, tapping my feet like my Proac. I wanted to know if the new Dynamo Signature C1 would give me that improvement and draw me in. Will I be listening to the music or just the speaker?

Has anyone heard the c1 who also knows the Proac Response 2.5, and what's your opinion. Should I just forget about upgrading and keep my Proac's?
As a Dyn C1 owner I would say (if you really have the itch) to listen to the C1's (especially the MKII/Sig) on equipment like yours. Then make the decision. Again I haven't heard the Proac's and don't know their value but before spending C1 cash give them a listen and maybe even the Countour S1.4's. Either of those 2 drew my more into the music than any of the 'Specialty' speakers.

Otherwise be happy with the Proac's. Nothing worse than spending money and regret what you did. But if you kind of liked what you heard with the S25's just demo the S1.4's or C1 MKII's. Awww - throw in the new Focus 160 too depending on your budget.
I have listened to both Confidence C1(the old version, not the new signature) and Proac Response 2.5s albeit at different periods of my life. I heard the C1s about 5 years ago. As for the Response 2.5s, I listened to them twice, first was about 9 years ago and the last experience was 3 years back when the guy who bought my Plinius amp brought the 2.5s along in his vehicle.

Well, what can I say. Just 2 different speakers with different sound presentation. Both sound good though the C1s play cleaner with more finesse and detail from the mids right up to the highs. The Response 2.5s sound more balanced with fuller and deeper bass, as expected from floorstanders. The Dynaudios and Proacs have their own merits, nothing bad to say about both designs.

If you like the Proac Response 2.5s, consider keeping them despite having 2nd thoughts how other speakers would compare. If the temptation to try new things is too much to resist, you can always purchase the Dynaudios(or any other speaker) just for the fun of it and see if you will like them better than the Proacs. Only you can decide for yourself whether the change is worth the effort.

FWIW if you are happy with the sound you are currently getting from your system I would suggest that you stick with what you've got. There are just too many stuff out there, unless you like some experimentation and/or change. Music first and foremost, equipment secondary.

Good luck.