Proac Response 2

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These speakers are amazing for their midrange and soundstage capabilities..

For current or previous owners of these speakers, can you recommend speakers that have the PROAC sound with more bass.

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Just add a REL. Run your Response 2s full range and blend the REL. No problem getting a seemless sound. If it works with Quads it will work with your ProAcs.
Well, there is the Response 3....
I have owned the 2s for 20 years. Two years ago I switched to Zu Druid and relegated the 2s to the closet. Took some getting use to the different presentation but the advantages of the Zus are tremendous dynamics, huge sound stage, and top-to-bottom coherence. You could consider the Soul Superfly, maybe.
I would audition Quad;s speakers and there is another Britishe that is now making a full floor stand B3/5A( I think that is correct but I am getting weary. ) Stirling Perhaps it sounds like the right speaker for you.
I've owned two pair of Proacs and had a two-week in-home audition of the Response 2 some years ago. I loved all of them. I certainly haven't listened to everything out there but the only other brand I've come across I've liked better than Proac is DeVore Fidelity.
Audiokinesis makes speakers that should be considered also.
The Response 2 is tough to beat in a small to medium room. I have had a number of speakers and keep coming back to the Response 2. After reading the message from Rrog I might try adding a sub.
I don't know what you finally decided, but I moved from the Response 2 to the response 2.5 and the bass is all there. Having a larger room made the upgrade effective for me.
Not at a price near the 2's. If you like Pro Ac's I would go for another speaker in their line up.

That said I would see if you can listen other speakers such as Harbeth or ATC - they have a house sound as well - not the same as pro ac's but who knows - they may appeal more.

The speaker I have heard against Pro Ac's quite a few times with fellow audiophiles is the Lenehan Audio ML1 (its an Aussi speaker so you probably wont be able to hear it where you are - I simply mention it to illustrate a point). It to my ears shites all over Pro Ac's - but its an interesting exercise in personal preferences getting people together and hearing those speakers - here is what one guy I know said:

The ML1 is razor sharp in its accuracy and transparency. It reveals a level of detail that I've not heard from a small stand mount before. Indeed, it rivals many much more expensive speakers that I've heard in regard to sheer resolution. At first, the resolution is beguiling. The speakers sound too good to be true. They are a hifi demo room's golden goose.

BUT, that resolution comes at a price, and with a good front end it doesn't take long to reveal it. Strings are rendered with a somewhat harsh and metallic glare, including in instruments like guitar and banjo. Also, the razor sharp accuracy comes at the price of natural decay of sounds. Vocals, strings, wind and so on are unaturally attenuated. The lack of decay adds to clarity and resolution, but detracts very substantially from a natural presentation. The speakers give no sense of the shape or size of the space that the performance is coming from. They just force the sound out with gut wrenching clarity and replaces any musical cues with their own impressive soundstage.

Alas, that soundstage is rather two dimensional, at least compared to the Pro Ac's. It's big and wide and instruments are solidly placed, but it has very little depth. I think that's a function of the unnatural attenuation of decay in the pursuit of "accuracy".

Pro Ac
Compared to the ML1 the Pro Ac sounds a little muddied. The high end and mids lack the extreme detail of the ML1, and there is a definite mid-range "bass hump". Indeed, on all measures of clarity, precision, transparency, bass impact and control the Pro Ac is inferior to the ML1.

However, the Pro Ac is immediately more engaging and, overall, a much better sounding speaker. The soundstage is vastly improved compared to the ML1, and properly three dimensional. The Pro Ac lets you hear the shape of the auditorium, church or studio where the recording was made. The difference between the ML1's flat and two dimensional (albeit wide and tall) soundstage and the Pro Ac's three dimensional depth of soundstage can't be understated. Whereas the ML1 pumps music into the room, the Pro Ac's bring the performers into it.

And the lack of preternatural clarity on the Pro Ac is made up for by gorgeously sweet mids and highs and a lovely natural decay of the music - again, giving insight into the shape of the performance hall that the ML1 is incapable of achieving.

While you might think that the ML1's accuracy would be more enjoyable (and for some it no doubt is), it's not a patch on the natural presentation of the Pro Ac. The Pro Ac, for all it's coloration, lack of linearity, bass hump and relative lack of resolution, is a vastly more enjoyable listening experience. It makes music sound beautiful.

By any objective measure, and I have seen the measurements, the ML1 MURDERS the Pro Ac. The reason sounds are 'unnaturally attenuated' with the ML1 is the speaker is lined with steel and you are hearing the recording without cabinet coloration. I much prefer it. But guess what - you don't listen to measurements - and everyone is different in what makes for an enjoyable listening experience.

That's why it very important to listen to a lot of different speakers. That is the only way to find out what suits you best - listening to a lot of gear. It fun and you will soon cotton onto what floats your boat. So spread your wings and check out other stuff and see what you think.

Happy listening.

another +1 for the REL sub.

I have Dynaudio Contour 1.3 mkII speakers which I love. They do a fabulous job down to 40Hz. I never dreamed what I was missing till I added a REL sub. The sound is now much more complete. When I listen to the sub alone I can't figure it out because it does so little, but in conjunction with the mains it all adds up.

Maybe you could get a loaner so as not to lose anything in the process if it is not your ultimate solution.
I spent a lot of time comparing my Proac One SCs (literally taking them around) to many, maybe 50 other speaker brands in San Diego, LA, Phoenix, and Tucson, in extended listening, and found that almost nothing can compare to the sweet musicality of the Proacs. The statement above, Proacs make music beautiful, is so true. The key word is engaging.

I say "almost" because there was one speaker brand that I could switch to and be equally, maybe more, happy: Harbeth.

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