ProAc Response 1SC vs Response 2: opinions

The title says it (almost) all.
I recently listened to ProAc R1SC with Accuphase E370 (I own an E360) and loved them.
I'm considering buying R1SC's but I can't find a pair in good condition and correct price at the moment, but I saw a pair of Response 2.
How do they compare ?
The 2's don't image quite as well, and they give up a bit of detail to the 1's, but they do extend a lot further in the bass. I've had both speakers, and unless the room is very small, I prefer the 2's. If you're willing to consider a small floor stander, the Vandersteen Model 1's are difficult to beat. The sound is a bit more neutral, but they can do a lot more than either ProAc. All 3 are good choices. You'll be happy with whatever you pick. 
thanks, mgreen27.
already had Vandersteen 1 at home for some weeks, so I know them.
based on your description, I guess I'd like the R1SC's better than R2's.