Proac Response 1sc hookup


I just received a very nice set of Response 1sc's (no manual though) and I have what is probably a dumb question. These have what I assume are the stock jumpers between the 2 sets of binding posts and these prevent me from tightening the posts enough to grip a spade lug on my single wire cables. Luckily I have another pair of cables with bananas that I can use but I was hoping someone could explain what I'm doing wrong.

You have to use one hand to hold the jumper, the other to hold the spade in place while you tighten the terminal. I became very adept at this from owning R1 SCs & R 2.5s. ;-)Much easier to get biwire cables though. The speakers will thank you.
Thanks Camadeco,

Let me elaborate, it's more like the jumpers are so thick they won't let the binding post tighten down enough to actually grip the spade. I'm not sure if that's what you are replying to. The speakers do benefit from biwiring?

I have the 1SC and 2.5 with the same issue, solution, get rid the the cheap pins and either get quality jumpers or Bi Wire.
My 1s sound infintely better with Bi-wires. No question. But, if you must use jumpers, I got Rhodium pins from my Proac dealer and the the pins are placed through the top binding posts to firmly contact, but not screwed in, to allow the bottom spades to connect. Otherwise, use bananas.
another vote for the obvious - bi-wire!
Thanks for all your responses ;-) I guess I'll be looking into some new cables.