Proac response 1sc Do I have enough amp?

My audio gear has been in an attic for a year or so. Recently married and finally moved in. My current speakers are too large for our small living room. Have considered buying pair of proac 1sc's. My power amp is 60 watt Aronov (tube). I do not pretend to have much knowledge about audio gear. Would appreciate oppinons on if I have enough power to drive the 1sc's to their potential. Thank you.
I used a pair of 1sc's in a 14' x 10' x 7.5' room with a Cary 300SEI (8w/ch) and had GREAT results ... 60w of tube power should be plenty for the 1sc even in a large room.
You have plenty of power. I'm using a Cary SLI-80 (40 watts) in a
25x15x8 room.