proac responce 3.8 up grade

HI,guys, I'm currently using VR vr3,speakers and think it's time to upgrade, heard good things about the proacs 3.8
my budget is arround $3000-3500 used
how would the proacs compare with the VR3, does it has as good soundstage and imaging?,like the full sound of my current speakers, but would like a more realistic sound,listen to jazz mostly.
running Quick silver M100, with joulet electra 150MK11,
any comments or recommendations would be appreciated:
I have heard the 3.8s many times. They are very inefficient and caused not only a Naim NAP500, but also a Boulder 2060 power amp to clip before reaching realistic levels. Note that each of those power amps costs in excess of $20k.

I took them to have some frequency sweeps done, and it turns out they are not only very inefficient (circa 83dB) but have a large mid range suck out and roll off in the LF much earlier than you may think. They were eventually redesigned replacing the 2 mid range drivers with much higher spec ones and changing the crossover design from a 2.5way to a 2-way. This resulted in a much more neutral sound with more efficiency and greater extension. Their tweeters however were very good for soft domes and were retained.