PROAC RESPONCE 2 replacement drivers ???

I can not seem to find a replacement bass driver for my PROAC 2's........These are the ones with the clear cones..........Also idea's on rebuilding the crossovers in the PROAC 2's..........THANKS   Will
Unobtainium. Great little speaker btw.
They were made specially for Proac by SEAS, without knowing the T/S parameters, you’ll never find a sub. You can get the roll surround done if they are still working if that’s all they need.

Cheers George
I owned a pair and georgehifi is correct. I had the surrounds replaced. Usually that is the only thing that would go wrong with them.

have you tried ProAc?

if they don't have them ask them what they recommend to use as a replacement.



The Proac 2 drivers was not made by Seas, it was made by ScanSpeak and a variant of the 18W8543 The Proac 1 Drivers was made by Seas and a variant of the P14RCY

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Still unavailable? I got this off the net.
Seas/Scan what’s a "Pickled Herring" between Vikings.

BTW looks like all 2’s surrounds are foam, even when replaced by Proac (linked), but the Seas you link to are rubber.

Cheers George
Yes it is unavailable - Proac should stock them IMO however they may not.  As you state if only the foam surround is shot its easily replaceable.  Bill Legall at Miller sound does an excellent job.

Yes the story about all the Danish Driver manufactures are complicated as they intertwine quite a bit.  Claus Futtrup - now working for Seas has made a nice historic paper on all these intertwines - he himself have worked for DynAudio and ScanSpeak.

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I don't think Bill at Miller sound is still doing these.....I heard he retired.....   I hope he didn't because he does great work.........I'm going to call him and see if he can replace the rubber surrounds with foam surrounds.......Will
Bill is still working, used his services last month to reform 4 each SanSpeak 21W8553 the 8 " version of this same driver series with the clear poly cone.  These are available :-)

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Peter:    Thanks for that good information, I was always very happy with Bill's quality work.......Will 
wondering if this thread still works :) 
I called Bill today to see about replacing my surrounds on  my 3.5 's . He said he will no longer work on ProAc's as they are too tight a Spec. Now what :(  ? 
Sir:   I have a pair of those drivers.......And I would probably sell them to you..........Will
I recently replaced the surrounds on the bass drivers in my Proac Response 2's.  I purchased the surround kit from simply speakers and they worked great.  However you should watch the videos they provide as well as some videos on youtube.  You need to align the surrounds carefully to avoid rubbing of the voice coils.
bill at millersound is still very much active and doing his excellent restoration work

he may or may not do all speaker brands though