Proac ReferTablette 8 Sig or Totem Model 1 Sig ?

Trying to decide between these two speakers? Has anyone heard these speakers...specifically a direct comparison between the two?
Meiwan got it right. The Totem Model 1 is weightier in the mids and bass. Both are bright sounding speakers, perhaps the highs on the Proac are more delicate and refined, slightly more detail. The treble on the Totem can be slightly unrefined when compared to the Proac side by side, more coarse(sorry for the lack of better term) in comparison. Still, the Totem is a fun and enthusiastic speaker with a lot of verve and dynamics. The Model 1s will appear to be more punchy and dynamic due to the added weight in the midrange and bottom end.

My experience is with the original Model 1(non-signature) though I read the signature adds a bit of refinement to the original. Other than that they are basically the same. I've owned the Tablette 50 Signature and listened to couple of Proac models over the years, though not the Reference 8 Signature. Nevertheless, I believe the house sound of Proac is consistent across the range, especially the bookshelves.

I believe Model 1 Sigs and Reference 8 Sigs are good quality speakers. Can't really go wrong with either. The Proacs may be easier to drive than the Model 1 Sigs. The Totems do need some current to come alive as they will sound like crap if underpowered.
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Both great loudspeakers, but at the risk of being off subject (and a bit subjective) a well matched and great alternative contender to also consider is Neat Acoustics "Petite SX". Many similarities but with better top to bottom balance and clearly better rhythm, pacing and timing, IMO.