Proac question

Could someone tell me the difference between the response series and the studio series of proac speakers? Thanks.
I believe all the drivers and crossover are different. I own Response 1SCs and Tablette 50 Signatures but have never had the chance to hear any of the Studio series.
You mean other than a few thousand dollars? :-)

The Studios are Proac's version of an "entry-level" line of speakers.
Heheheh. Oh yeah, I forgot about the extra dough-rei-me.
I have a pair of Studio 125 and also the Response 3.8 speakers. My 3.8's will be main fronts driven by Krell, and the 125's as rears driven by Rotel - Processed by Krell Showcase pre/pro. Up till now I've been powering them with a Rotel RMB-1095 amp (Krell FPB300cx is currently on order - cant wait!). The 125's are a fantastic speaker when compared to the 3.8 (I compared them both as main speakers running only two channels from the Rotel). The 125's lack the real low base, and the mid range is not quite as pronounced but against the 3.8's they're a great clean, detailed sounding entry level speaker. Room placement is critical, be sure to move them well into the room away from both rear and side walls. I found 3 meters apart between the speakers was best for soundstage. The 3.8 is just breathtaking, you only get what you pay for!
The Response series have higher quality components(drivers,crossovers,and sometimes cables). This means the Response Series is not very forgiving(you need excellent components and cable in your system). The Studio series on the other hand are way more forgiving of the rest of your system.