Proac owners......advice please

I am runinng an all solid state Electrocompaniet system; DMB 120, 4.7 Pre & EMC MKII. I recently purchased a pair of Proac 2.5's.

I will tell you that the speakers now have about fifty hours on them. Cabling is all Nordost Red Dawn at this time. The room size is approx 17'x 24', with a 12' cathedral ceiling. The good; we have big sound stage, we have wonderful mid range with very good rhythm & pace. Please play the Dixie Chicks again!
The not so good; The bass gets dominant from time to time. I won't say that it's boomy; it's like blowing a low note through an empty paper towel holder. The highs or vocals during the playback are just not on the same level when this happens, & my ear goes straight to the bass. I might add that the vocals could be a little smoother. Maybe my room is the problem? Maybe the speakers need more break-in time?
Before I consider room treatments & the likem,has anyone experienced a similar situation or could you suggest a different cabling option? I am fairly new at high end I really need someone that is famliar with these speakers or has owned solid state with the Proac's- what have you done to get the best possible sound out of them?
I know many of many of you state that Proac's sound is the best with tubes --and ARC is also a great match. I did try an ARC LS 16 pre this week with my amp, but the match wasn't that great. I do think that I would like to stay with solid state for a while, but I am hoping that you can make suggestions about how to achieve a better sound quality with my current components or alternatives that will enhance it. Thanks!
If this model has the port plugs , put them in. Also positioning close to the walls or corners increases the bass. You may also prefer a leaner cable like the Kimber Hero. I was using an M 1000i on my cd player and the bass was not as tight .

I have had proac 2.5's for many years and could not be happier. I also use a SS integrated. Started with the Krell KAV 300i and have now traded up to the Jeff Rowland Concentra 2. Both of these amps sounded great with the 2.5's but the Concentra is warmer and more tube like.

I do know that these speakers need MANY hours to break in and sound right. 100 hours minimum. You must also have these speakers far enough away from the rear wall or the bass will be overwhelming and not so nice. Mine are 4 feet from the rear wall and 3 feet from the side wall. They sound wonderful this way. Move closer to the rear and the bass gets stronger.

Keep with them. They are incredible speakers and you will love them when fully broken in and placed properly.

You have a big room for that equipment.
Is your problem at high sound levels? If so, your amp could be clipping.
Before you go crazy figuring out what to do next...That mid woofer takes a looooooooonnnnnnnng time to break in. I would give it a least 200hrs maybe even more.
I have the speakers 3 ft. 4 in. from the back wall (can't go out farther due to cable length), 4 ft. from the sides & the speakers are 6 1/2 ft. apart. My problems are not at high listening levels. My volume levels are usually at 9 o'clock; cranking it up to me is between 11 and 12; everything seems to run out of steam past this point. I don't want to push it more in order to avoid clipping.

The amp is rated at 120W at 8 ohms, 240 @ 4 and 350 @ 2.

If I am going to need 200 hrs. break-in time, I think I'll borrow a friend's 5-disc player for awhile.
It's probably your room. I have the same issue with my 2.5's. No matter where I moved them, I could not get rid of the bass boom without room treatment. Bass traps is what it took. I lean 2 down-sleeping bags in their stuff sacks up against the inside of each speaker. That plus some other traps in the corners finaly tamed the bass. I think it's the combination of a rear port tuned so low, plus it's hight withnin the speaker cabinet that causes so many problems. I'm starting to think that the best solution will be getting a pair of subs, and crossing over the 2.5's from 80HZ down.
All of you have been very helpful. I am hoping that continous playing time will change things for the better. At your suggestions, I am currently doing a 5-disc player marathon.

Interesting Alcides has had a similar experience with his 2.5's. The worst case I feel at this time is that if the bass does not get better in time, I may be able to somewhat tame it. I put in an old pair of Audio Quest Topaz rca interconnects on last night & it did bring the bass more in line with the rest of the music.

My next direction in time will be to try different interconnects if the system does not improve & stay away from silver. I did try Kimber Select balanced 1130's a couple of weeks ago. Great cables, it really brought out the individual instuments on the recording but also tightened up the base & made it even more pronounced than it already was.

I am still trying to avoid the room treatments at this point. The wife acceptance factor! I can hear her now " And where do you think those are supposed to go?"
interesting thread, I have the exact same issue with my 2.5's. I found that placement made a difference, but ultimately I think I'll eventually break down and get a couple of good traps to solve this. I am surprised you didnt like the ls-16. I use it with a quad of mullards, along with the 100.2, and SR resolution reference bi-wire and balanced connects. I have been thorougly pleased with this set up. The last piece to the puzzle for my system was an Audio Magic Stealth plc, and it made a huge difference, everywhere, including tighter bass. Nothing's perfect, but all things considered, these 2.5's strike the best balance of any speaker I have ever heard. Keep working on break in, allow plenty of space around them, and experiment with your listening position front to back. I find that certain bass nodes will be more/less pronounced depending upon where I sit
I have 2.5's in a room exactly the same size as yours. I have no problems with bass dominance and vocals are exceedingly smooth. However, I find the bass a bit loose and not entirely easygoing--it always sounds like the speakers are having to work hard to deliver serious bass (I get usable bass down to the mid- to high-20's in my room).

I have the speakers on the long wall, about 10' apart, which I generally prefer. My advice is to not get caught up in chasing cables and interconnects to solve your problem, at least not yet. Be patient with break-in and experiment with placement. I'm sure it will work out for you. Oh, do you have the spikes in?
These are all good responses. You may find that serious room treatment is what you need. ASC products are not cheap, but they were worth every nickel to me and my room boom problem. There are also some DIY knockoffs if you're inclined that way. I also suggest upgrading the speaker stand. Proac uses that wide plinth and meager spikes. Check out the thread on Sistrum platforms. I also looked into Mana Acoustics, which has a reputation for tightening loose bass.
This is great information, but a little disappointing. I'm shopping for speakers and really like the Proac 2.5, but am now concerned about the booming bass issue. It's so hard to get an accurate evaluation in the dealers demo room since everything is optimized and nothing like an environment *most* of us live in. Should I be concerned about the bass issue with the 2.5? Will the 2.5s require painstaking amp, pre and cable matching? I'm not looking for a fulltime tweaking job, just some honest music.

2.5's are very nice speakers, but do have plummy bass, which is not the bass you describe. That said, something may be amplifiying that quality. If not a break in situation, room treatmnet sounds best, although I would never reach a conclusion on a ProAc 2.5 using Nordost Red Dawn. Don't give up on the speaker.
Rg I tried to mate the Ls 16 with the Electro amp. I was very curious as to how it would sound. I really did not add much but, took away a lot. I am sure that mated with the AR 100.2 would be ideal.
Drubin...thanks for the response & yes the spikes are in. I will heed your advice concerning chasing cables but, I am in need of a balanced pair of interconnects from the Electo EMC cdp player to pre. I am running single ended now & balanced makes a big difference (for the better) with these components.
Horn blower....I can relate to what you are asking/saying. I will say & I am sure that most would agree, that an in home trial with your electronics, is one of the best deciding factors. I did not have the option due to the store's policy.

I will say that honestly I am very pleased with my purchase. I had listened to about ten different speakers before deciding on the ProAc's; some were to bright, some were very analytical & a couple were very bland. It was the ProAc that caught my ear, they are very musical speakers & sounded the best with the type of music that I listen to.

Concerning the bass.....I do hope that it changes as the break-in period continues. Could I live with them if it does not....the answer is absolutely yes!
Plummy bass Asa? May I suggest upgrading your amp. as the 2.5 is a very demanding spk. She happens to reproduce one of the best true to life bass in it's price range. Just make sure there are enough breathing room for the rear port of the speaker: side >1.5 ft. rear >2 ft. You can reduce the boom by placing them away from the back wall. If using single spk cable, connect the red to the top and the black to the bottom i.e. cross, then use silver jumper. Slightly toe-in until optimal. You will be suprise how much quality cabling and high current amp. can bring out the best of the spk. i.e. double bass. Finally about 800 hrs. breakin.