Proac one SC or Merlin TSM...?

...for CJ CAV-50, for medium room. Mostly classical, world, acoustic music. These two fit the budget (used) around 1.5K.
With these two, you really just have to audition. Both are comparable in quality with the type of music you listen to, and both are compatible with the amp you use, so it is just a matter of personal preference. I know buying used is going to hinder the possibility of an audition, but the good thing is, you can't go wrong with either one.
I have owned them both
The Merlin is the winner by far
Go with the company that will give the best long term support , in My humbel openion Merlin is that company HANDS DOWN.. I've listned to ProAc's they sound great, But there us distributer isnt the easyist guy to talk to (I'm being nice ). Merlin on the other hand, is us built and offers upgrades to owners of older models when changes are made. Not to mention, Bobby of Merlin is great to deal with and stands behind the company. I went with the merlin tsm-se's, Thay sound great with tubes, present great (real )bass,detial and clarity. But Thay might be abit bright with solid state gear.