ProAc line: Studio vs. Response

Is there a hierarchy in ProAc's line (Response better than Studio) or are these two lines radically different and intended for different use or coming from different design philosophies? Wondering if the new Studio 110 is "better" than Response 1SC for example.
I believe the Studio line has 'lesser' cabinetry, mainly in the form of veneer but they still look very nice. UK cabinets seem uniformly well done, esp. with the more exotic woods like yew and burled walnut. The drivers and xover parts may be less highly-specified but those more knowledgeable may have a better answer. Proac certainly has a devoted following, to the point where clones are now available on the web, and even here. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
I've owned the Studio 150 and the Response 1s and have auditioned the Response 2s extensively. All are great speakers but the Response line is definitely more to my liking and I think is generally considered the 'higher-end' group of speakers. You'll want to listen to both in your system if possible but I've never heard a pair of ProAcs I didn't really like.
I don't know if it's useful since the Studio 110 may be quite different from the 150 but here's a review directly comparing the Response 1sc and the Studio 150.