Proac K6 Signature, Sonus Faber Amati Tradition,Verity Audio Amadis, Kharma DB-9

...if you were me and you played rock and roll like the Stones, the Allman Brothers, John Mellencamp but also played singer songwriters like ; Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Brown, Waylon Jennings, Josh Ritter but also loved jazz like Pat Methaney, Return to Forever, Cannonball Adderley. In a room that is 16 wide and 30 deep with cathedral ceilings and all Accuphase separates with the amp being a 60 watt pure class A design …...which one would pick ?  I have narrowed it down to those 4 brands  - don't care what you have or had just anybody's thoughts on those 4 Particular speakers. Thank you and stay well and safe out there !         
IMO it's a toss between the Proacs (as mentioned above) and the Kharma.
The Kharma look much nicer, but in my book the Proacs will rock better. They are also slightly more sensitive -- an important consideration as you only have 60W on tap.Good luck!
….....thank you all so far as it is appreciated. My only concern with Proac at the expense of being insensitive, is that the chief engineer and designer Stuart Tyler just passed on and who knows what the future holds for Proac.  
Talk to Thomas R. Ratushny at New York Sound and Vision.  He stocks three of those brands.