Proac Future point Five vs Thiel 2.3- Opinions

Pro-ac has been making speakers for nearly 20 years; but, they always seem to be changing their models. A friend wants to sell me a pair of the relatively "new" Pro-ac Point Five speakers which uses a ribbon tweeter. Recently, I heard a pair of Thiel 2.3's, and thought they sounded good, though their soundstaging was average. Need some opinions about these two speakers, especially the new Pro-ac model. ( As a industry reference,I have heard and read good and bad things about the "older" Pro-ac speakers. For example, some claim the Pro-ac 2.5 is outstanding, others feel it sounds muddy compared to the Thiels.... I listen to a lot of classic 60's stuff, including Grateful Dead, Osibisa, Stones, Traffic, but also do the Flim and the BB's and David Benoit stuff( elevator jazz) which is nicely recorded and because the wife thinks its cute music. I have an Aragon 4004Mk2 amp and modified CJ PV-8 tube pre-amp; I also have a Sonographe CD player and VPI table with Sumiko MC. The room is about 15X20 and has a 13 ft ceiling; I tend to play it loud but am not a headbanger. Many thanks to the members!!
I have not heard the ProAc product, but for a few moments in a showroom. I liked them alot. I think they were Model 3s or something like that. Not cheap. The Thiel is mighty fine! The c-j and Aragon should serve it well. I use c-j and Bryston mainly with mine. The soundstaging is oftn a product of the environment you hear them in and you did not describe said room. The Thiels will give you a good midrange and highs. Your tall ceiling is a plus too. It is a speaker that plays music well! It is not forgiving of older recordings, but the PV-8 should help there. Nevertheless it is more forgiving than the older CS 2s. If you want bass you'll need the CS 3.6s or CS 6s. You might consider a used pair of CS 3.6s if you can find some. Their used price will often be below that of new CS 2.3s. The warranty is long and transfers. Some will say if you want bass you'll need a different preamp too. I mainly do not think you need to hear from anyone but your ears and your wife. GO LISTEN to both products and a few other brands with an open mind. Thiel is good. ProAc is good. Vandersteen is good. Revel is good. There may be some deals on Dunlavy too. All have their fans. Hearing from us is not what you really need. You need to go to work and do the legwork/research to find a speaker YOU really like so you will not be selling it next year! There is no shortcut. YOU need to do it not us. Find some first class dealers and start listening. It beats doing housework on the weekends!
Sunnyjim, I am working on a review of ProAc that will be finished soon. According to specifications on the ProAc web site, the .5 you're considering are close to Future Ones I have on loan.

If what I have learned could help your decision, feel free to call me. I've been listening to these for three months and know them well.
I used to own the 2.3's, and they were excellent for your purposes. They DID NEED a very strong amp to do them properly(like over 250w/ch AB amp or stronger. They are a hard load in places, so don't skrimp there. I have heard most of the Proac's, even in mine and others homes, and do think the Thiels sound more refined overall, with less coloration. The current 2.3's have no midtrebble accentuation liike the older models. They are very neutral sounding.
My thoughts anyway....