ProAc fans?

I'm interested in trying a pair of Proac's, but would like some info. on the differences between the Response 1SC and Response 2 models as they seem to sell for about the same price. Is one substantially better sounding than the other? My current gear is a McIntosh MC7200 amp with a C712 pre-amp, which should match up well with either one.
The proac house sound is there
Thoughout the line, but the
Response 2 (or newer D2)is a
keeper for a moderately sized
room. More weight than the 1,
which will be audible on rock
And classical. A world class
monitor type for sure.
If your room is small you should do good with the 1SC I would think. I had both the D2 monitor and the D-15 floorstander. Overall I'd say I like the D2 better. The D-15 overwhelmed my bedroom and didn't quite do it in my living room. The Tablette monitor sounds pretty good too.
I have many proac pairs. Currently I do most of my listening, one pair at a time, with 1sc's and 140's. I also have a center channel 140. I play both of these pairs from two different all tube rigs. Room, heavily treated, is 11 x 12. I did try the Response 2 and the D2 in my rigs, but did feel they bettered the 1SC. I also still have, and play, tablettes and the EBT version of the tablettes which I got in the early 80's. I like the proac sound. I sourced all my proac's direct from a UK dealer, mostly due to the fact I wanted rosewood finishes, which only can be order in the UK. Enjoy the music.
Buconero, you did or did not feel the D2 was better than the 1SC? Your phrasing makes it sound like you meant to say you "did not" feel they bettered the 1SC. Just making sure.
The Studio 140's are very nice floorstanders indeed, if you are interested in those. I personally prefer floor standers to monitors, and the Studio 140's would not be too large for most rooms.