ProAc ER1 sub connections to Aktiv Amps

Hi All,

I just purchased a ProAc ER1 subwoofer and am wondering about the best setup.
I have L + R Low frequency RCA's directly connected to one set of the Pre outs on my Linn Wakonda Preamp and it seems fine.
I have a problem with the High frequency setup, the only other connection is the HF connection which is a Neutric(sp) connector.

Here is the problem.

I have 3 Aktiv Amps, Treble, Mid and Bass.

How do I connect the Neutric HF connector? Which amp?

Anyone have any ideas.

Amps are Linn LK100 x 2 and LK85
Neutrik, is the correct spelling, my mistake.

The amp section in the ProAc is the same as the REL Storm III. The Neutrik connection is 3 wires connected to the right + - and left + of an amp, on the other end is the Neutrik Speakon Interconnect that goes into the sub. This interconnect is supplied with the sub.

This allows the sub to be optimised for 2 channel stereo as it recieves the full signal.
This connection is preferred for 2 channel setup according to the manual.

As I have 3 amps, I dont know which amp to use the connection on.

I dont know if it is redundant as I have the full signal going to the LF via interconnects, but the HF knob does nothing. I would like to try the HF signal to listen for any improvements or if there is actually any difference.

I dont know if I can damage the sub or the amps by using this connection, I dont know if the fact that the amps are Aktiv makes a difference as they dont all send a full signal.
Should I connect to all three of them??
This is an interesting question. Sorry, but I don't have a clue. My best guess would be selling your existing sub and buying one of the Linn subs would be the logical solution.
I connected to the Bass amp with the Neutrik connection.
Using the HF connect made a noticable difference, the sub blends really well, highly recommend this sub, it is fast and deep. And adds a nice blend to music, Patricia Barber's Modern Cool, was cool.