Proac D40s vs Von Schweikert VR-44 Aktive

I found 2 really good deals to get either a used Proac D40 with silk dome tweeter or a used Von Schweikert VR-44 Aktive. Really keen on the VR-44 but it goes for twice the price of the D40. Further, with the VR-44 having active amplifiers, i’m also worried about their maintenance. What if the caps blew or require replacement? Would it be easy to get them fixed?

Looking for anyone with opinions between these 2 fine speakers.
Krenova, I own VS db99se. They are 15 years old in May and still sound terrific to my ears. The bass module "active" amplifiers have held up just fine. I leave them in standby mode where they consume about 5 watts each. They are not class D amps. VS engineering is second to none and I expect you'll have no issues with the VR44. Good luck in your choice.
Of course the Von Schweikert VR-44 Aktive goes for twice the price of the D40 because they are active speakers with built in amp when the D40 are passive speakers ! I personally don’t like the silk dome tweeter version of Proac they’re inferior to the Ribbon tweeters which are amazing but it’s a matter of personal taste. The question is if you already have good amp do you realy need active speakers ? If you don’t have good amp isn’t it better to buy the Von Schweikert than you will save money on amplification ?

We are missing information about your gear you are currently using so it’s hard to give you any advice .