Proac D40R's-amp dilemma-low or high power?

Ok here's the question just puchased a nice pair of Proac D40R's-superb speakers I'm delighted.

They are currently being powered by a Luxman L505U and I'm consider a new amp on the basis that I will get more out of the speakers by getting a better amp.

Although these speakers are big they are easy to drive-I like my sound at a reasonable level-what I find with the Luxman at 100watts (140 into the 4 ohms)is that these speakers go loud pretty quickly indeed Stewart Tyler at Proac suggests anything above 100 Watts from an amp will produce plenty of volume.
Of course I can get a comfortable volume level from the Luxman and a great sound I'm intrigued on what way to go next if changing amp.

Some reviewers and indeed dealers have suggested 100W plus will make the Proacs sing but others have suggested better control would come from a high quality amp with less power.

What I'm looking for is an amp to get the best out of these speakers-my room is approx 4.5M wide and 8M long-4M height-so there's decent room. I listen to most types of music-Jazz to heavier rock via experimental, ambient and Electronica music,alternative and classic rock and prog.

I know Proac match with Naim,Sugden and Audio Research.

Of those a Sugden MasterClass integrated might interest me as a while back I had an a21A.
Beyond that I'm not sure other than looking and reading reviews.
Here are some amps I see that I am considering (budget is based on decent trade in and in some cases amps 2nd hand on the market).
Rega Osiris
Moon i7-I auditioned the model below this and liked it with my old Proac 2.5's.
Audio Analogue Maestro Settanta which comes highly recommended and I will audition shortly.

I'd be interested to hear other experiences with the power issue and what others would consider a good upgrade from the Luxman-I wouldn't discount another Luxman.

I'd be interested to hear views on the power issue and if anyone has had a similar "dilemma" and their "solution"
I have the Proac 140 mkII speakers, not the same league but somehow similar specs.

I also had a Yamaha 2000 integrated which I also used for a while as a power amp with my tube pre.

The Yamaha 2000 is very similar in specs with the L505u.

My room is somehow bigger.

I replaced the 2000 with a McCormack DNA 225. And it was a difference of day and night. And mainly in the drive of the speakers. Much more and better controlled bass without booming, fuller sound in lower levels and better SQ generally.
Probably the McCormack is a better amp overall but I think that the main factor is that the Proac wanted more and better power.
I want to clarify that I do no hear loud, I live in a flat.
But the better ability of the McCormac to drive the Proac gave better sound at all levels. The 2000 was more than enough loud even at the 1/3 of the maximum volume, but didn't have the same convenience.

My suggestion is to try to demo an amp of 150-250 W at 8 Ohm that goes near the double at 4 Ohm and has good quality sound.

I don't think that an A class of 30 W per channel can drive adequately normal floor standing speakers (not tube oriented) .

I don't know about tube power amps.

I am sure that the D40 can give you much better sound.
Kirak thank you for your response and I think you are bang on the money.

I auditioned the Audio Analogue Settanta which apparently really sung with Proac D30's and that really didn't work with the D40's.

The transparency of the D40's and lack of power of the AA S left it wanting.

It was a very musical amp but my impression was it was quite coloured-it gave a nice smooth sound and really nice bass but it lacked the 3D sound staging of the Luxman. At a decent level of volume it just presented a very flat 2D sound with the Luxman you would think there was a band in the room.

The Luxman is just simply a better amp for the D40's which isa shame I had high expectations and I know my dealer has had great success with his AA set up with Proac D30's.

The journey continues but we are indeed seeking power and quality for the next stage.

I currently own ProAc D 2.5, and I have owned Tablettes, Response 2, and Studio 140 models.

I do not own, but have heard the D40R on many occasions, so you should consider this when you read my comments.

On a number of occasions I have heard the D40R driven with A Grommes PHI=26 (3 wpc), Line Magnetic 518IA (22 wpc), as well as a variety of Shindo amps and Leben integrated amps 12 - 32 wpc). All of these have sounded great with this speaker up to a point, but at higher volumes they all run out of steam on demanding material.

I am currently using the Quicksilver V-4 with my fairly inefficient Response 2.5 and it is a great combination in my room, which is smaller than your room.

I think you should consider Quicksilver (the new revision of the V-4 has KT-150 tubes and produces 170 WPC) as well as other higher powered tube amps to drive your D-40R speakers.
Jperry and Kiriak thank you for your responses.

I have went for a Rega Osiris in my system and I'm really enjoying it-it has the power to push the D40R's which makes them more listenable at both high and low volumes.It's really brought the speakers alive.

I'm also hearing more detail and little bits of information in well known recording I haven't heard before....happy days.

Class A or tubes would have been interesting to hear but at the level I was looking at options were limited locally and indeed price wise.