Proac D40R's-amp dilemma-low or high power?

Ok here's the question just puchased a nice pair of Proac D40R's-superb speakers I'm delighted.

They are currently being powered by a Luxman L505U and I'm consider a new amp on the basis that I will get more out of the speakers by getting a better amp.

Although these speakers are big they are easy to drive-I like my sound at a reasonable level-what I find with the Luxman at 100watts (140 into the 4 ohms)is that these speakers go loud pretty quickly indeed Stewart Tyler at Proac suggests anything above 100 Watts from an amp will produce plenty of volume.
Of course I can get a comfortable volume level from the Luxman and a great sound I'm intrigued on what way to go next if changing amp.

Some reviewers and indeed dealers have suggested 100W plus will make the Proacs sing but others have suggested better control would come from a high quality amp with less power.

What I'm looking for is an amp to get the best out of these speakers-my room is approx 4.5M wide and 8M long-4M height-so there's decent room. I listen to most types of music-Jazz to heavier rock via experimental, ambient and Electronica music,alternative and classic rock and prog.

I know Proac match with Naim,Sugden and Audio Research.

Of those a Sugden MasterClass integrated might interest me as a while back I had an a21A.
Beyond that I'm not sure other than looking and reading reviews.
Here are some amps I see that I am considering (budget is based on decent trade in and in some cases amps 2nd hand on the market).
Rega Osiris
Moon i7-I auditioned the model below this and liked it with my old Proac 2.5's.
Audio Analogue Maestro Settanta which comes highly recommended and I will audition shortly.

I'd be interested to hear other experiences with the power issue and what others would consider a good upgrade from the Luxman-I wouldn't discount another Luxman.

I'd be interested to hear views on the power issue and if anyone has had a similar "dilemma" and their "solution"
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Just a follow-up on your quest - did you find an amp to drive your ProAcs?

Jim Ricketts/
John at Audio Connection says the Aesthetix Mimas integrated matches great with the D48s, so it should match well with the D4Rs too.