Proac D40R or Monitor Audio Platinum II 500

Hi to all of you,
I have the Proac D40R (of which I am very happy) but I have the possibility to have the MonitorAudio Platinum II 500 (don't consider the price: it will be a gift for me).
My question is this: Will I improve by replacing my ProAc? I realize that these are two different segments ...
P.S. - in the past I already had MonitorAudio and I liked it.
Thanks to anyone who wants to answer and help me.

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I have the Proac D 40 r too. I have not heard the Monitor Audio.

Curious what other gear you are using with your speakers?
I've had PL500 IIs for three years. I submit it depends on your room, equipment, and preferences. The PL500's aren't a forward sounding speaker, but have detail and do the audiophile things really well. They have a big sound, but can sound drastically different based on the other components. Unfortunately, a home audition is the only way to determine if you prefer them to your Proacs.
I was using an Aesthetix Calypso and Atlas (which were very synergistic with the speakers), but recently changed to a Luxman CL-38u and a pair of Luxman MB 3045 (circa 1975) factory converted to use 6550 tubes).


You're welcome. I sent you a PM.