ProAc D40??

Where are the users? This one has gone under the radar? Can't find reviews, comments...nothing!!
I guest no one has been using them them yet?? Anyone knows the retail asking price?
I listened to them several months ago at a dealer's "manufacturer's night" hooked up to over a hundred thousand dollar's worth of very highly regarded electronics. They sounded terrible. The Proac 38s playing in the next room sounded much, much better (meaning as good as other speakers 1/3 the price).

My guess is that the reviewer's cardinal rule "if you can't use glowing hyperbole don't say anything at all" has come into play - hence no reviews.
I have found the D40 absolutely phenomenal. I have heard on a number of systems and found them to compete well above their price range. If I were buying any speaker under $4000 this would be it. They sound best with tubes or small class A amps. To each his own.
Sorry, wrong post, I was commenting on the Studio 140. Strike my previous post.
I was gonna say... You left a zero off the end of your price range! ;)
At $4000, the 140 is not a bad speaker which still provides some ProAc magic but the D40 is $12,000 retail so it's up against a lot of very good speakers. People in the past buy ProAc for it's magical voicing but the making is only worth 1/10th of the asking price. I have heard D38R but the magic is some what missing, I found it's highs jumping out and the Harbeth HL-5 has much better mid range. Also heard the D40 briefly but can't make judgement!
I have d40's and absolutely love them! Way way better than the 38's!
You have to be very careful about leaping to conclusions on new ProAc's. They need A LOT of running in.