ProAc D38-R

Has anyone listened to the new D38-R yet? Is it better than the od one? Thanks.
Well, still no one!! I have the opportunity to listen to it yesterday at my dealer’s shop. Not broken-in yet. My impression is very good. Still have the Proac sound but cleaner at the top, more air but not analytical. Mid range is still very sweet but is a bit lighter than older model. It sounded magical while playing violins and vocals. I can’t comment on the bass as this model is only 2 weeks old. I find it not as define but it has not broke-in. I found them priced too high though, maybe that is why there is not a lot of interested in them anymore!
If they have managed to make the D38 better yet, I think it will do very well, the D38 was no slouch.
((I found them priced too high))
You just need to hear them with the right electronics
evan with affordable Primare electronics sound is awesome.
Cheers Johnnyr