Proac D25 vs. Vandersteen 3A Sig

Hello, I am researching speakers and looking for a sub 5k loudspeaker that conveys the truth and soul of the music. I used to have Dunlavy Aletha and absolutely loved its sound. Since they are out of business I rather not take a chance on the used market. I have been narrowing my choices down and the two above I am seriously considering. I love time/phase coherent designs but am also drawn to speakers that convey the soul of the music. Would love to find something that offers both. Anybody have any experience with the above speakers?

If I had to take a wild stab based on your previous speaker preferences, I would say the Vandy 3A Sig.

The Dunlavy is pretty dynamic for it's size, much more so than the Proac and although the Proac is coherent, the Vandy is probably a bit more so.

Only toss up might be distortion, the Vandy is not quite a clean as the Proac but is also fuller and capable of bigger sound. Best if you could hear a few of these before laying down the cash.

I am a dealer for both Vandersteen and ProAc and hope I can offer a little insight.

The most important question I would ask is what electronics you are using or plan to aquire in the future. The Vandersteen 3A Signatures and ProAc D25s are both excellent speakers and with the right electronics and system set-up either might prove to be a good choice.

The ProAcs are a very easy to drive 8 ohm load that tends to work best with very high-quality (rather than just high power) vacuum tube amplifiers or very refined solid-state. The Vandersteen 3A Signatures are a tougher to drive 4 ohm speaker that require a larger amplifier (either tube or solid state) that is stable into 4 ohms and makes 100 watts/ch or more.

With a little more info about your electronics it might be easier to determine which speaker is more appropriate for you.

Good luck.