ProAc D25 placement

Can new ProAc D25's be placed closer to rear wall than predecessor 2.5's without low end getting boomy now that port points down rather than to rear? Does carpeted floor dull the bass now?
Hi Jrcosmo,
I've got the ProAc D15, and tried various options including using a carpet tile below each speaker (I've got ceremic floors so the supplied spikes would have caused some damage on the flooring) and finally settled on something called Soundcare superspikes. Checkout the website.

Another option you could look at is to get Symposium Acoustic svelte speaker platforms.

BTW, did you manage to compare between the D15 and D25 when you were at the dealer, I got the ProAc's when it was introduced in 2002 so there wasn't a chance for the comparison.
I have a pair of D15's on hardwood floors. Floors protected by discs. My speakers are only about a foot and a half from the rear wall and the bass is not boomy at all. When experimenting with placement, the bass only became a bit boomy when the speaker was placed very close to a corner. But I used to have the 2.5 and the D15 is easier to place than that speaker in my room. The bottom firing port really works well.
I have ProAc D80s which are about 2&1/2 feet from the back wall. They are spiked through an Oriental carpet to a suspended wood floor. I find the bass not to be boomy at all. Infact it is quite tight and articulate with good definition.