Proac D2/D18 vs Totem Mani 2

Hello good people of the 'gon-shire

I have the opportunity to purchase a pair of Totem Mani 2 in good shape or try and audition a pair of new ProAc D2 and D18 at a local store. I have heard the Mani 2 driven by a Macintosh amp and I have a reasonable idea of what they sound like. The Mani 2 is available on the store here and I will likely have to give the buyer my answer soon on whether I intend to purchase. The ProAc I will likely not have a chance to audition for another week at least. My room is roughly 13' x 13' and my current amplification is a 40w/ch tube integrated (which I plan to upgrade to either the Ayre V-5xe or Hegel h-20).

Can someone here give me a quick rundown on what I can expect from the ProAc speakers as compared to the Mani? Where are their relative strengths and weaknesses in terms of sound?
Totally recommend the PROAC'S!!! The Mani 2's are not known to be one of there better speakers. Totem makes a few models that I would consider buying but the Mani is not one of them. Go with the Pro's I think you would be getting a more tonally neutral and dynamic speaker. IMO. Both these speakers require power to open up! I'm not thinking 40 tube watts will be the proper amplification, a great sounding SS integrated as you suggest is the ticket!


Matt M
I'm using the ProAc D2s in a bedroom setup with a Boulder 1012 preamp and a Boulder 860 Amp (150wpc) . They're lovely speakers. They image well and present a well defined soundstage. And they have the ProAc sound I like so much, perfect for strings and brass. And while I'm using solid state in front of mine, most ProAcs love tubes. I think your amp will be just fine and I'd recommend sticking with it for a little while at least. Just be sure to get a set of very solid and heavy stands to get the most out of your D2s...stands you can fill with shot or sand are the best.
@mattmiller Thanks, Matt! I hear a lot of people saying that the ProAcs sound great with tubes - but what they usually mean is a things like ARC vsi60 - which is in a whole other league compared to my amp, I think. :)

That said, I do plan to try out the Ayre V5xe and the Hegel H20 (and maybe even a Plinius) to really bring out the best in them. Right now, my source is lossless RedBook audio from an Aurelic Aries fed into a Ayre Codex. So the source part of my system is finally good enough for the most part. The speakers and the amp need some work - but I am going about it piecemeal.

Have you heard both these speakers?
@yakman18 Thanks for that. I did think that the amp should work with the Proacs at least for a little bit while I save for a better amplifier. Have you heard the Mani-2s? Do you have any opinions on the differences in sound quality between these two speakers?
  • These Totems -like many of the TOTEM higher end lines - are power hogs, so unless you have the amp with the sufficient grunt (amps and watts) to drive them properly, look elsewhere . I would be very wary of using a tube amp with them. I had the FORESTS and borrowed a buddy's top-end CARY amp just to experiment, with really crappy results .
  • First the FORESTS  would not perform to their max with tubes until you cranked the volume past 2pm, Listening fatigue hit home very quickly.
  • At lower "normal" listening levels with tubes, they disappointed mightily .  I normally ran them with a pair of high-end high-current 100wpc solid state units bi-amped.
  • The MANI-2s are even more inefficient then the FORESTS  - the MANI-2s are  only a very inefficient 85db. I would DEFINITELY personally audition them at home with your existing gear before I even remotely considered using with your current gear. (Footnote: I sold the Forests with no regrets) 
Good luck....