Proac D15 vrs D25?

Has anybody compared proac D15 and D25?I have D15's and am wondering what upgrading to D25's will get me.

I haven't heard the D15's, but I did hear the D25's at a dealer and I was amazed that a speaker with only a medium sized mid/bass driver could throw out a sound as deep as they do. Typical ProAc sound, smooth/sweet & not tippy in the upper regions. A lot of presense. They were demoed using an ARC VT100 & a LS25 MkII.

We played some rock/pop & jazz and it all sounded very good. In fact we played some dynamic percusion pieces and I felt the thump on my chest. I thought that only larger speakers could accomplish that.

The speaker has a large port facing downward. I have to wonder how the sound would change on differnt floor materials.

Anyhow, I too am mulling over buying them - I wish they cost just a bit less.

Hey, I've got the Response D15 and been considering an upgrade as well. The D25's are an obvious candidate for an audition but I've been considering the B&W Nautilus 804's, 805 Sig with REL's, Merlin's would be interesting but I think there isn't a dealer where I live.