Proac D15 versus....

Hi, I'm curious about that newer Proac model the D15 (what's up with this new numbering scheme? What was wrong with 1.5, 2.5, 3.8..)

Anyway, have any of you compared this speaker to others I've tried in my home: Proac 2.5, Spendor FL9, Thiel 1.6 or 2.3? Or other speakers? How did they compare?

How LITTLE power have you successfully powered a D15 with?

I'm trying to find a speaker that is totally happy with Cary SLI-80 triode 40 watt mode. My Thiel 1.6s are very very very nice, hard to beat actually, but I suspect the 3 - 4 ohm load is limiting dyamics for a 40 watt triode amp. Tried my friends Proac 2.5's but the Cary just did not control that speakers famously deep bass adequately. The D15 is a bit more sensitive (88 vs 86 at 1) and a bit less ambitious bass-wise (30 vs 20hz) so I'm wondering.....

I can only go with what two local dealers have told me that the D15's are wonderful speakers better than the Response 2.5's.
I'm on the look out for a pair myself at a good price....
I've got 2000 Signatures. While shopping, the dealer had none in stock but the nice sound of the 1.5 convinced me to get them. The down firing port in the D15 scares me off. Does placing it over hardwood or wall-to-wall carpet make a difference? This added complication is one more worry I can live without.
I own a pair of proac 1sc's. The reason I bought them was because of the reviews I read, because I run a cj premier 11a and 1sc's love tubes, but the kicker was auditioning them. The amp was a Cary inigrated.... the sound blew me away and the bass, although they don't measure lowdown, reproduced a double bass with astonishing realism. I would recommend these speakers to anyone with set's.
As a D15 owner I continue to especially admire the mid range and especially the vocal presentation of these floorstanders. It doesn't image as well as the 1SC but then again that's the compromise when comparing monitors vs floorstanders.

I listened to Totem Forest which I believe are more $$$ than these and still prefered the D15's. At the moment I'm using solid state amp (Rowland Concentra II) so I cannot comment on power matching with tubes.

With regards to the downward firing on the D15, at least for me its an advantage as it eases the issue of positioning IMS.