ProAc D15 good also for Rock?

I listened yesterday to the ProAc and they sounded gorgeous with classical or light jazz.
Does anybody know if its also the right speaker for rock (ie tight and powerful bass and "punch")?
I have those and listen to rock music as well as classical and jazz... They are very good at that too. You've got to listen to Peter Gabriel's latest album growing up. In a "What hifi" review they said that they were not discriminating any genre of music. This is totally true.

But they are very revealing and most of pop rock production are on the poor side. That makes listening less interesting. I guess that is something you have to live with in the hifi world.

What is your source and amplifier?

If you buy them give them plenty of break-in time...

As a producer/engineer/mixer with a long track record, Windsurfer's comment on pop rock production highlights his ignorance on the matter- similar to the belief that storks bring babies.
I have recorded and mixed all of my records for the past 10 years, from classical to pop to rock to Jazz, and have found them to be invaluable. They sound amazing with everything.
Sorry Elt25 did not want to offence any pop rock production.
I don't know a lot about production but the comments I wrote are based on my personnal experience. Like I wrote the Proacs sound amazing with everything . May be it's my personnal experience with pop rock that is deficient. I listen mostly jazz, classical and progressive rock (old an new age) and they sound amazing but most of the few pop rock cd I have does not do justice to high end speakers.

Do me a favor, listen to a Celine Dion cd and tell me about the quality of production/recording.
I can't speak specifically for the D15s, but I think ProAcs rock... I picked up a pair of Response 2s a dozen or so years ago, but relegated those to a study and "upgraded" to ESLs. I got captured by the transparency and speed of 'stats. After playing around for years in the ESL vein, however, I ultimately realized that I really missed the way the ProAcs convey the slam of rock music. The ESLs were too... ..."polite." So, now I'm the happy owner of a pair of Response 2s in the study (biamped off a pair of ARC D240 IIs) and a pair of Response 3.8s in the main rig (biamped off a pair of ARC VT100 IIIs). "Safe European Home" sounds the way it's supposed to again.
psb goldi
I have a pair driven by 95w linn amplification. I do most of my listening with these speakers on jazz and country. Somehow I dont feel that the proac are feeling comfortable with heavy rock music( even though they can deliver the goods), light and modern is fine, but if you want to indulge yourself in some no holds bar rock then you might end up feeling sorry for such wonderful speakers. I would recommend getting some sub $1000 jbls or infinitys to handle the heavy rock music, these american classic speakers will offer good bass performance for rock music. Hope this helps.