proac d15

anyone with experience with proac speakers could help

I purchased d15 speakers,words can't describe the level of satisfaction from the sound.But i have a question.Given the exact parametres which is desirable listening levels 80 - 85 db at the 2,30 meters sitting position in a freefield -nearfield set up in a very big room and 6 db headroom (for possible cressendo over the 85 db peaks and 80 db average in order to avoid sure clipping) IS A SE CLASS A PENTODE (Similar sound to leak 12.1) John blue tl66 monoblocks s.e. pentode class a 1 el34 perr chanel 5 clear undistortred watts instead of 6,2 watts total CAPABLE of drive the speakers AT THE DESIRED listening levels i pretold harvesting the tone speed and detail of a minimalitic amplification of such a design OR it would be BETTER to use a classic PP EL34 CLASS A/B 40 WATTS for the SAME listening levels of 80-85 db WITH ALL THE DRAWBACKSS OF SUCH A NON PURIST DESIGN FOR AUTHORITY MAYBE OR WHAT ELSE having in mind that ILL use only 4 watts at the listening levels i want.I would appreciate your "position" in that dilemma thanks  .

I don't think 6 watts is enough power for the Proac 1.5. You would have to sit very near field (under 1 m away from speakers) for this to have a chance of working.