ProAc D Two Speaker Terminal Preferences...

The rear of the ProAc D2's have two sets of speaker terminals on the back of each speaker.

Curious as to what peoples experience has been when jacking in their speaker cables, either into the top (Treble) terminals or the Bottom (Bass) terminals?

As I understand it using the top speaker terminals offers a brighter "clean" sound and plugging into the bottom speaker terminals will add a little more bass.

I've inserted my cables into the top terminals still using the jumper bar that came with the speakers connecting to the bottom terminals.

All burn-in so far has been in this configuration. So, to all you non bi-wiring D2 owners out there, which rear terminals do you plug into and why?
For critical listening after the break-in period, definitely use either shotgun or decent quality jumpers. The bars are terrible.
Use the connection that sounds best to you.You are the one that has to listen to it.
I second the replacement of the 'bar' jumpers.
Or just do it the best way and bi Wire up with the same wire thats inside your speakers Proac Signature Speaker wire
Happy Listening Johnnyr
Am looking more for folks that have the speakers and are willing to share their choice of terminal preference.

This eve I've put the single wire (Grover Huffman SX - 8' pr) into the bottom terminals. A noticeable change was heard while playing Jay Farrar & Ben Gibbard's: One Last Move Or I'm Gone - San Francisco. Jay's S's no longer distort! When in the top terminals the sharp S's noticeably distorted and sounded awful.

Haven't noticed any loss in vocal clarity using the D2's bassier bottom terminals.

I do plan to replace the jumper bar w/ JPS jumpers (not the Aluminata series too stiff to use with spades on these monitors). I'll see what change this will bring when they arrive.

But after two hours of critical listening I'm happy with the bottom speaker terminals as opposed to the top ones.
There you go,problem solved.
Are "problems" in this hobby ever solved? There are just more questions which lead to experiments which lead to...

By hooking up my main speaker cables to the lower set for more direct high-current delivery, and jumpering to the highs - I'm adding extra connections in the signal path to the more sensitive mid & upper frequencies. More critical listening is required before I can declare victory.

As soon as I replace the bars with my new jumper wire on the way - that's even more critical listening fun...
Audioconnection - nice call. Bi-wired up with Kimber 8TC's and am rolling with the changes delightfully. It's only been about 20 hours but I'm starting to think bi-wiring is bettering single runs with ProAc D Twos.
Greetings Notec
Glad to hear you are enjoying the Proacs internally bi wired

A true Bi wiring with 2 separate runs off the ground and separate them apart at least 4 inches will bring
you to yet another level.
Enjoy Johnnyr
I have D2s and have also found that the lower terminals are best for single wiring. I have also found that using spades renders a better result than using banana plugs. Hope this helps.
((I have D2s and have also found that the lower terminals are best for single wiring))
Until you try the positive speaker wire to the Tweeters hot
and the Negative speaker wire to the Woofers Minus.
and run jumpers better best yet
But as mentioned above tru Biwire 2 home runs off the ground at least 4 inches apart will work by far best.