ProAc D Two and an amp to live with forever

So, before the economy falls into the bottomless abyss, I likely have one chance to pick up an amplifier that I can live with for a long, long time.

I currently have a Naim Nait 5i powering what are clearly speakers I love. Really love. And the system sounds pretty good to me. But, I know from hearing other systems that these ProAcs can sound even better. By better I think I mean primarily richer, fuller and more lush. Not surprisingly, most of the systems that sounded better were tubed systems and I have never owned a tube amp.

The Manley Stingray has sounded fantastic to me the few times I have heard it, but I am unsure that it is the amp that can make the most of these speakers. If it is, that's great since its the cheapest option I am looking at now (cheaper suggestions welcome) and I am predisposed to like it.

The PrimaLuna Prologue and Dialogue are certainly tempting based on reputation, but I haven't heard them at all.

And the Cary SLI-80 from a feature standpoint have everything I am looking for (I think), including a remote and headphone amp, but I haven't heard this for more than a minute. This is also the absolute upper limit of my price range - in fact, this would likely be a used purchase, where with the others I'd look for used, but maybe buy new if I got tired of waiting.

I can, and will, listen to all of these. I can't listen to them with my speakers though due to the vagaries of local product line distribution. Home demo isn't likely to be an option since I am a recent transplant without any sort of relationship with the local dealers either.

Source is a Benchmark DAC. Music is jazz, latin, rock of the Tom Waits and Pixies sorts, and even a little Buck 65 style hip hop (and for those that don't know, this is more like Tom Waits than Jay-Z, but it still has some beats behind it that the kids like).

What else? Almarro and Audiomat have caught my eye at various times. And I have heard the Ayre integrated sound really good in several systems, but I am not sure it would get me what I think I want. That said, despite the longing-for-tubes set up above, at the end of the day I am looking for synergy and am willing to go in most any direction to get it. I would appreciate hearing from anyone with words of wisdom.

Thanks in advance!
Another amp to consider if you're looking at the Primaluna and the Cary amps is the Rogue Cronus integrated. I'm using one with a Benchmark DAC and Devore Gibbon speakers and it's a wonderful combination. It has a remote and headphone amp, is very easy to bias and the service from Rogue is outstanding.
Stereophile magazine recently commented how wonderful the ProAc D2s sounded with the Leben CS600 amp.
Beware though, if you go with Leben CS600, it only puts out 32wpc. This may be plenty for you. But if your room is large and/or you listen to loud levels this might not be powerful enough with those speakers (88.5db; 8 ohms nominal).
BTW - I have NO experience with either the Leben or ProAcs. I was just making an observation.
I recently heard the D2's and the much larger D38's with the Primare i30 integrated amplifier. It sounded great with both speakers. I have also heard the D2's with the Leben and thought they sounded great together however, it was in a small NYC apartment. I cannot say how they would work in a large space. On the other hand I heard the Primare with both Proac's in a larger (19x26x12) room and they were able to fill the room with sound. The Primare is only $2500 new.

Good Luck!
I wanted to thank every one for responding and provide an update. Of the options I was considering and those recommended, I have actually been able to have two in house. I was able to get both the Rogue Cronus and a Primare i30 into my system, with a night of overlap where they were both here.

I didn't buy either, but the testing did decide for me that now is the time to try tubes.

The Primare was clearly better than the Naim I am using - I would say it simply has more of everything. Nothing to complain about at all - in fact if I abandon the tube idea it is where I would head in a second.

The Rogue though was just so fun to have in the room - everything sounded good. This might be the truth versus beauty thing - but I was really loving the beauty for the three or so days I had it. The Primare gave me more detail certainly - Mingus was growling away and seemed like I'd almost understand him if I leaned in - but the Cronus made the whole thing filled with life.

So, tubes for me.

After reading about it everywhere, I'd really love to hear that Leben but barring a recession fire sale it isn't going to happen - this is discretionary spending, and that would be spending the bread money.

I still want to hear the Stingray, but now I think I am really trying to make sure I can hear something KT88 based and something EL84 based.

Thanks folks!
Pick up a used ARC VT-100 mkii and never look back. I'd be very surprised if you didn't get what you are looking for.

Just to tell you that I was in Montreal for the ProAc D2 / Leben CS600 combination as reported by Stereophile. Oh Lord ! Organic, deep, open & most of all, soulful system. The source was a Clearaudio turntable. I have ProAc D15 and i'm hoping to get a Leben CS600 someday. I'm also curious about the VTL It-85 latest model. I haven't listened to it yet.

Good luck
Beware though, if you go with Leben CS600, it only puts out 32wpc. This may be plenty for you. But if your room is large and/or you listen to loud levels this might not be powerful enough with those speakers (88.5db; 8 ohms nominal).

32wpc is PLENTY of power to drive the ProAc D Twos in a medium/large room!

Does anyone know what speaker cables (brand) they used with this combo in Montreal? Were they bi-wire or single wire?