ProAc budget level S.S. or Digital amp synergy?

Just assembling this system, into which I would like to interject tubes by way of the preamp stage with my foreplay II (Mullards,BugleBoys), yet achieve the drive and articulate bass charecteristics afforded with S.S, on a tight budjet...

Would some kind A'goners make recomendations of likely suspects, knowing the preferances of these speakers and your experiences with their presentation, which might meet my criteria ?

I realize that recomendations are always asking posters to go out on a limb, so to speak, as I have much more experience with headphones and their amplifiers and make recomendation myself over on Head-Fi...

And yes, I have researched and read what little there is on the subject, although without the inclusion of this specific criteria set. On a budjet, with a tube pre and of the S.S. design hopefully to be bought used here!

Room is 20X16X9 hight...


TIA for sharing.

Edit to include the model: ProAc 2.5

Digital Try the ARC 150.2
I ran one with my 1sc's worked great.
300.2 worked better.....
Go all out and get a used pair of Manley Snapper's and a Manley Shrimp and you'll never look back
I'd be a little hesitant to suggest T-amps with your ProAc's, I fear the resulting sonics would get too "zippy".

If you have to though, I second the ARC recommendation.

I realize it may be a few dollars more, but Plinius SS amps sound very good. Maybe wait another 6 months and save up a few hundred more dollars. I don't think you would regret the decision, and good SS like the Plinius hold value pretty darn well. I've seen the older versions quite often go in the range of $1500. I'm not sure how much your budget is though.

Bryston would be another decent choice, but outclassed a
bit by the Plinius.

When I got my first "hi-end" Bryston amp, I had to save for a year to afford the preamp, so the amp just sat under the bed. That was a rough year.

Disclaimer: I don't own any Plinius amps, I've just heard them and feel they're donically up there towards Rowlands but with a easier to digest price tag.
Rethinking a strategy, due to the feeling I'm getting that class D amps, though having the wattage / spl and low cost advantages, will suffer in terms of sonics vs starting out with say a 60watt Bryston in a near field listening configuration.
Which eventually as budjet allows, can be used in a bi-amp configuration (top), buying something similar but substantial in terms of watts/spl driving the lower end, again, fronted by the Foreplay II pre. Eventually allowing for more liberal placement options...

Feedback would be appreciated~

I've decided to begin the journey here by driving these ProAc 2.5s with a Bryston 2B LP @ 60w fronted by the Foreplay II preamp(Mullards/AmprexBugleBoys), lo-fi Sony ce-595 as transport with the Corda Opera as DAC, set-up in a nearfield configuration. As I say, until my budjet allows for a more ideal amplification solution...

Thanks for all the help guys~
I heard Proac with Jeff Rowland Concentra, Oracle CDP and that was a great match. Later heard the same Proac with Meridian system and the treble got really nasty. It has been well documented that the Response had tweeter troubles that require a laid back amp.
Had the same experience with Monitor Audio / Meridian so I feel pretty sure about the Meridian / Proac combo.
I was curious about your statement that the response tweeter has tweeter troubles and requires laid back amps.
I think they are extremley accurate and require accurate amps. They are revealing but I've heard them sound world class with several amps that I would'nt consider "laid back".Including my ARC 300.2 and Manley Snappers.Both driven by the ARC CD#mk2.
A while back, I heard a pair of ProAc 2.5s driven by Ayre gear and the sound was exceptional. I had personal success driving a pair of ProAc Tablette 50 Sigs as well as a pair ProAc D15s with a simple Ayre integrated. I would not classify the Ayre gear as laid back, at all.
Don't be afraid. I have a tube pre and was using an original Son of Ampzilla. I bought a Tripath based power amp off E-bay. I have no plans to replace it. A tube pre, with a "class d"power amp (to me) is a very good combination.
Sincere thanks for the constructive responses within the criteria mentioned, which will help in my search looking forward as I upgrade the initial pairing I've decided upon, Bryston 60W/Foreplay II Pre/Corda Opera DAC [Operas DAC being slightly warm with slightly polite HF energy, though airy and fully extended, as evidenced by my referance AKG-701s & even the oftentimes troublesome HF energy(in other systems) of my DT-990s].

Although this initial entry level upstream components chain could and will be improved upon, I have great hopes for it to provide a utilitarian,pleasing reproduction system coupled to the 2.5s, configured in a nearfield configuration, "Within Budget Restraints" at this time!

Again, further insights by owners of the ProAc 2.5 for future guidence are highly appreciated here...

Hi Efner, this was ~6 years ago but I read measurements as well as other people's listening experiences re. the 2.5 tweeter. I was also looking into the DIY version and they also referenced the tweeter problem.
Can't document any of this so take it FWIW.
The proac'like good electronics and can sound pretty bad with some lower end gear.I can understand how some folks may think they sound bright with the wrong front end.