proac and atc compared to Harbeth monitor 30's

can you list Proac and ATC monitors

tht compare with Harbeth Monitor 30 which i like.

anyone heard Proac studio 100 do you like it.

What is Proac studio 150 better or worse than studio100?
in this order....proac/proac/harbeth/pmc/atc.....until you get to the way pricey pmc/atc and othere derivative monitors, they are not classics. the 100 and 150 are, as is the harbeth 30 and 40. the proac studios are overlooked gems, and although closer in character to rogers, then say the response line, they can't be made to sound average or bad.
I'd tee up ATC SCM 19 against the larger Harbeth 30. The SCM 19 is smaller but will still play louder cleanly due to the heavy duty driver (with appropriate amplification of course). Both designs share a similarity in a crossover set quite high (excellent mid range sound) but you would have to listen to find out which is to your taste.
After checking through the threads you've initiated I'd like to make a suggestion.
When I was looking for the "perfect" speakers, instead of asking for other's opinions I would purchase models that caught my interest. Keep them for a listen and resell them if they didn't work. As they were purchased used, I rarely lost money and even made money on occasion. It was extremely informative and great fun to boot.
I suggest you give this a try if possible. You'd probably enjoy the journey and could become an expert on monitors.