Proac 3.8 and Audio Physic Virgo

Anyone have either of these speakers, I just heard at a dealer with Krell and CJ eq. and was impressed, I would mate with a Classe 200 amp and CJ preamp with MIT cables.
The thing about the Proac is the Scanspeak drivers. This 7" inch driver is the best I've ever heard. It was used in a package called the "Solist" from Madisound (WWW.MADISOUND.COM)and it just stole my heart ($1500/pr). It was demo'd at out audiophile society meeting and I just couldn't believe what was coming out of it. I just don't understand why Proac, et al, think the lumber they surround the drivers with must cost an extra $6000...
to Kkirpa: Talk about your major over simplification, $6,000 for lumber? Dont forget the crossover&wire,bracing of the cabnit,the finish,transportation, AND:the DEALER'S 40 percent.Things should be made as simple as possible;but no simpler.
The proof is in the listening... (I thought it was 50%).