Proac 2 VS 2.5


Would going from the Proac2 to the 2.5 be a considerable upgrade ..or would it simply be changing 4 quarters for a buck.. Thanks for your comments !
a little more bass, but the 2 is really kind`of a 'classic'. you may wanna get away from your stereo for a few days, and then rediscover just how good the 2's are.
2.5 will be considerable upgrade for the bass response is day and night difference over the 2's. I dumped the 2.0 as soon as I acquired it. OK to use if you have a good sub to go with it. Good Luck!
Thanks guys...I thought that the bass was quite good on my 2s but could use just a little bit more. Overall though, I love the sound of the my 2s. You have confirmed that the 2.5 will give more bass. There is a nice pair of 2.5 for sale on Audiogon a decent price..
I considered this option a long time ago. After a brief listen, I gave up on 2.5. Yes, there was more bass with 2.5 but (I agree with Jaybo) Response 2 is a very lovely speaker.
Many years later, I was able to afford 3.8. Now, improvement was big.
Response 2 gave me years of pleasure and I hope the person who purchased my pair is happy.
Thanks Lateguestsnomore ...your wisdom is also well received..Happy listenings..