Proac 2.5 or 3.8

Hello.... Not sure which way to go...Which speaker do you believe would best match my system ? My room is approximately 18 X 20. Sort of leaning towards the 2.5 but not really sure.

Pathos Classic One MK 2
MF XrayV3 CD player
Linn LP12
Cardas Cross speaker cables (bi-wire) and interconnects

Thanks for your help,
I have the 2.5's. I'm not familiar with your equipment, but believe your room is large enough for the 3.8. Depends upon how loud you like to play your music. Several things to consider.
I know both the Proac and the Pathos Classic well. The Pathos might be to low in power for the Proac's Despite quoted a 86 db speaker the 2.5 are probably closer to 83db,s. Try some of the new Proac's

Both the two products are very nice but as a match i doubt whether they would perform optimally.
Thanks for your input guys...much appreciated...
I have 2.5's driven by tube audio research gear. my room is 16 x 30 ft. and 12ft high. when given enough power the 2.5's can really energize the room. I also have a proac response d-15 driven by 24 watts of tube power by unison research simply four p . The d-15/unison research combination also gives me more than adequate sound levels. In my room and electronics the d-15 has more midbass weight but the 2.5's go lower. but i still much prefer how the 2.5's make music in my room. Despite my room size it still took a while for me to find an ideal room position to avoid bass reflections from the walls.
Thanks Odaey..I appreciate your information..Did you ever audition the 3.8 to compare with the 2.5's ?
The truth is I'm working on getting one now (response 3.8). With the 2.5 there are times when i get to hear the drivers compressing or bottoming out when i want them to make my guts vibrate (but thats just me), thats why i wanted the 3.8. The first time i heard the 2.5 was in a showroom very much like your room dimensions and that demo was the reason why I'm a proac fan. I did consider the newer d38 but i was worried about it's impedance of 4 ohms. I hear that the d38 sounds excellent too but i feel the rear porting of the 3.8 would give a deeper soundstage compared to the bottom port of the d series as with my experience with the d15.
i have'nt mentioned that I've successfully driven the 2.5 with a 24 watt unison research tube integrated up to 90db SPL(using radioshack meter), But of course it depends on recorded material. I've also tried a sonic frontiers power one tube amp. on it and it sounds pretty good too. Much of your decision will depend on your music and preferred listening levels but I agree With stefan that the 2.5 would be happier with more power.
I was told that the 3.8's will fill a large room with sound like there is no tomorrow...What sort of power do you plan on using with 3.8's ? Is it normallly better to drive Proac's with tube gear ?
right now i use old audio research tube equipment(preamp.- sp-10, power amp.- d-250) on the 2.5, It's the same system I'll be using for the response 3.8. majority of proac fans will say they sound better with tubes but i've talked w/ proac's overseas marketing director and he uses naim electronics for his d-80's.
Thanks again Odaey for the good information..
In my experience and within my own preference, i do agree that the 2.5 can work with low powered amps. i have tried SET amps and the Pathos TT with great success, but most listners will choose higher powered amps in a A B comparison. The classic one is superb in many ways but not powerfull enough to control the big bass of the 2.5. The TT does better in a medium size room. i would probably use the 2.5/3.8 with The Logos or similar powered amps or use the classic one with a slightly more efficient speaker in small room , lets say the 1sc which is by the way my favourite in the Proac range.

Thanks again guys...Sounds like I can't match my Pathos Classic One with the 2.5 or 3.8 ... too bad.