Proac 2.5 or 3.8?

I have fallen under their spell. I have be moved my system into a much larger room so my current monitors don't fill the room with music like I want. (room size 29' x 18' with 13 ft vaulted ceilings) I use a BAT integrated 150 watt SS, with tube preamp. Question which would work better in my room 2.5 or 3.8? Would the 2.5 be big enough or would the 3.8's be too big for this room? I listen mostly at moderate levels.

Thanks, Bob
Interesting question. I use ProAc Response 1SCs and Tablette 50 Signatures in a 12x14x8 room. I think 2.5s might be too big for this room because of all the stuff I have in it.

At the last CES Vegas show the ProAc/ARC room had a pair of the large D80s playing and they almost completely disappeared. The room was only a hotel suite with most of the furniture removed in the main living room.

Your room seems much bigger and I'm sure 3.8s would perform well there. Whether the 2.5s would or not is harder to say. A lot depends on how much furniture, plants, etc. you have sharing the space, but 13 foot ceilings may be the deciding factor.

I hope I didn't add to the confusion, heheh.
Given your room size the 3.8s would be a better match--although if you really listen at "moderate levels" the 2.5s would also work. Overall, I think the 3.8 is a more refined speaker and works well with a broader range of music. The 2.5s work best with jazz and rock (my opinion only). The BAT should drive either of them well.
I've owned ProAc 2s, 3.5s, and 3.8s. I have used all these ProAc models in my 28X15X8 room with the 3.8 as being the best sounding. I would go with the 3.8. The 3.8s should sound very good in you room.
My room interesting enough is 26'x17' with 12' vaulted ceiling. My speakers are Proac 2.5's. You mentioned that you are listening at moderate levels, keep in mind as far as I know these are near field speakers where as to get the full benefit of these you are sitting 6 to 8 feet away, if you will be sitting this far away I think the 2.5's will be fine, but if you want to fill the room out a little more when you are not in the sweet spot, I would consider the 3.8's. I liked the size of the 2.5's & thought the 3.8's size might start to dominate the room because of the way that we have it furnished.
I think you need the 3.8's to load that large room. I am a 3.8 owner.
Thanks for everyone that replied. I sounds like both would work but the 3.8's would do a better job filling the room. I will seek out the 3.8's.