Proac 1SC vs Totem Model 1 Sigs / The One

I am fully aware that speakers are a personal choice.

I have listened to the Model 1s and felt they did some things quite well. A fun and lively speaker. I was wondering how the Model 1 Sigs, The Ones or The Proac 1SCs would improve on the Model 1s. More refined highs? More articulate mids and extended bass? To sum up, which is an overall better speaker?

Any advice would be appreciated.
Couldn't say which one is better. Different like you said.
But how much more refinement.

Being a bookshelf speaker snob I prefer the mani-2.
Thanks for the response. The Mani-2 is a great speaker with much better bass response due to the dual concentric drivers. Unfortunately my amps couldn't drive them. The Model 1s are indeed lightweight in the bass but my sub did help a lot, and the blend is pretty much seamless. More punch and weight in the bass.

Just received news that the Model 1 Signature is a minor improvement over the Model 1s.