Proac 1SC and Mark Levinson No. 27-good match?

I recently bought a pair of Proac 1SC and am considering a Mark Levinson No. 27 Amp. I can not find any reveiws on the amp and am wondering if anyone has owned one.
I would agree with all the opinions posted above recommending a SET for the ProAc Response 1SC's. I have not had the opportunity to listen to the 1SC's, but I have heard the Response 1's driven with a Cary 300SEI 17W/ch SET. The combination was magic and left a lasting impression over the years. The combination was palpably realistic and incredibly sweet.

I now run the 1SC's bigger brother (ProAc D38) with higher powered Cary SET's.

I do not know how well the 1SC would pair with the Mark Levinson as I have not heard the combination. From my too-short listening experience with the ML's on other speakers I would think that they would do a very good job. ML's are very transparent and have a fast, lean presentation. If that is the kind of sound that you like, then by all means go for it.
Its a good match but not the "better" match.

the one sc's i've heard so far seems to really shine on tube gears. Single ended were really nice.
The Levinson No. 27 was reviewed by Stereophile. This is when Stereophile was a smaller magazine. Larry Greenhill is Stereophile's guy for the 100 watt Levinson gear. Maybe you can email him at Stereophile magazine. Hope this helps.

Should try tube/SET amp along with 1SC...
I pair it with CJ 11A works really nice. Just a thought...