Proac 1SC and Mark Levinson No. 27-good match?

I recently bought a pair of Proac 1SC and am considering a Mark Levinson No. 27 Amp. I can not find any reveiws on the amp and am wondering if anyone has owned one.

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I would agree with all the opinions posted above recommending a SET for the ProAc Response 1SC's. I have not had the opportunity to listen to the 1SC's, but I have heard the Response 1's driven with a Cary 300SEI 17W/ch SET. The combination was magic and left a lasting impression over the years. The combination was palpably realistic and incredibly sweet.

I now run the 1SC's bigger brother (ProAc D38) with higher powered Cary SET's.

I do not know how well the 1SC would pair with the Mark Levinson as I have not heard the combination. From my too-short listening experience with the ML's on other speakers I would think that they would do a very good job. ML's are very transparent and have a fast, lean presentation. If that is the kind of sound that you like, then by all means go for it.