proac 125

has anyone heard tested the proac d 25 floorstander

against the proac monitors .

whi8ch do you reccommend ?

how far can they be placed near rear side wall.

can they sand filled or lead ? thnaks i amd disabled

and currently have ae 300 looking for upgrade mostly clasical!
I finally got to hear a ProAc D25. I have the model up, the D38. And I have heard the Response 1SC and Tablettes. The smaller ProAc's image better but lack the bass extension and the sense of ease that come with the larger models. Which one do I recommend - depends on your room and your listening needs. If you have a small room I would take the little bookshelf speakers every time. If you need more bass, choose the floorstanders. You will be hard pressed to find a better bookshelf speaker even at 4x the price.

Do not place the speakers near the side wall. I recommend at least 1m away. Place them too close to the side wall and the speakers will sound nasal. It's not just ProAc's that do this - nearly any speaker would. One advantage of the little Response 1's is that you can place them closer to the front wall.

I am a 100% Classical music listener and I think ProAc's are one of the top choices for classical music. Especially when mated to a valve amp.

If you need to place your speaker close to the side wall, and you enjoy classical music, perhaps you should be looking at Quad ESL speakers. You can place those right against the side wall with no problems because of the "figure of 8" radiation pattern.
its funny, but proac has never been able to kill off the studio series because the 'cult' that loves them is still growing. the 125 is a great choice for classical music or any other catagory. classic british speakers...timeless sound quality for sure.
If you have tube amplification, the 1SC is an amazing speaker. Yes, you sacrifice the low frequency bass response, but the imaging is to die for, and the speaker is as musical as all get out. Another amazing characteristic, the speaker is relatively easy to drive. I hooked this speaker up to my EAR 859 SE, producing 13 watts a channel, and the 1 SCs (rated at 86db) were magic. Also note that the 1SCs hold their value better than just about any small speaker.